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Eltingville Club Awaits Network Judgement

By Rob M. Worley     April 24, 2002

Evan Dorkinrecently updated Comics2Film on the fate of his Welcome ToEltingville TV show. Dorkin created a pilot for Cartoon Network whichaired with a series of other new shows during the net's Adult Swim block lastMarch.

"We finallyheard from the network and the word is -- no word," Dorkin said."Better that than the 'no' word. Unless they change their mind, thedecision on what will happen to the recent spate of Adult Swim pilots won't bemade for a while, possibly even late in the year."

Dorkin ishopeful that the network will respond to the show so they can create moreepisodes. In the mean time he's got plenty of comic book projects in the works.He's doing a Thing comic called Night Falls on Yancy Street andsegment in Captain America: Red, White and Blue, both for Marvel.He's also got a new issue of Dork slated for late in the summerand the Eltingville one-shot in the works.


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