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Firebreather Set To Scorch Hollywood

By Rob M. Worley     January 03, 2003

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Big BlastEntertainment announced yesterday that they've partnered with creators PhilHester and Andy Kuhn for all media rights to Firebreather, theircomic book series published by Image Comics.

Big BlastEntertainment is best known as the media rights holding and production companyfor comic book publisher Oni Press. Firebreather marks the first time Big BlastEntertainment has optioned a book outside the Oni Press stable.

"We had agreat working relationship from the time when we set-up Phil's TheCoffin at 20th Century Fox with James Cameron's LightstormEntertainment. When Phil showed us Firebreather, we freaked. It'sfresh and wild and so right up our alley that it just seemed natural to worktogether again," said Chip Mosher, producer at Big Blast along withpartners Joe Nozemack, publisher of Oni Press, and Bob Chapman of merchandisingcompany Graphitti Designs.

"It'salways been Big Blast's goal to create long-term relationships with unique,creative voices, such as Phil and Andy, and to work with them on a variety ofprojects," Mosher added. "The fact that Firebreather isan Image title and not an Oni Press publication just proves that point."

"BBE is theperfect partner for Firebreather. I can't think of any group I'drather have holding our hands in the dark, scary wilds of Hollywood,"commented Phil Hester.

Firebreather#1 hits comic book stores this week and tells the story of theanything-but-ordinary teenager Duncan Rosenblatt. What makes Duncan sodifferent? He just happens to be the son of your typical suburban soccer mom andBelloc, a 300 foot tall, city trampling, battleship-devouring monster. While hismom is concerned that he goes to college and become a productive member ofsociety, his dad is determined to get him to join the family business - whichrevolves around conquering the earth and ascending to his rightful place as kingmonster.

"I guess inlayman's terms it's like doing a gene splice of Kramer vs. Kramer,Godzilla, and Buffy. Throw in a little DeGrassi Jr.High and you're there," commented Hester when asked to describe his andKuhn's creation.

"Our nextstep is going to be searching for the right partner who is as amped as we are atunleashing this quirky combination of humor, action, and teen drama to the worldat large. Whether that's a creative entity such as a writer and/or director,another production partner, or a studio/network, you'll have to wait andsee," added Joe Nozemack, Big Blast president and Oni Press publisher."Either way, this is a project with broad appeal and huge potential that isgoing to be a blast to work on."


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