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Dazzler 9/15/2008 4:42:02 AM
Anime rape will never fly over here mainstream in the USA. If it does I weep for our country. Anime should always cover what can't be done in live action since there are no rules to physics and they can get away with more. Using it to show rape scenes is not entertainment. Japan can't write for shite anyway they need American ideas to make it make sense like what we did with Robotech stuff. Japan would rule for toon stuff if they were not so sexually repressed IMO.
Hectotane 9/15/2008 8:24:23 PM
My argument: Keep the children under 17 out of the sex scenes. Don't take some sub-theme (i.e. tentacles, "restricting a guy while the woman he loves is getting it on") and make them into a full-blown series. Less tentacles, whining, and "soft-core semi-pornography prepared for late-night cable & satellite." More elves, nuns, semi-incest, the yaoi sub-theme, "a guy joining in on lesbians." Get companies like Pink Pineapple to release h-anime uncensored (along with giving them professional English dubs). I go home happy; everyone goes home happy.
sirintegra 9/16/2008 4:00:37 AM
The MSNBC is so grossly misinformed and any argument against it is pointless bceause it is so stupid The only thing that becomes clear is that the author of the MSNBC article is out to pimp his book and he's doing it in the most salacious way possible 'cause, well, sex sells. And he's going to be talking it up because it's money to him. He does not care about any reality. The guy cited Gurren Lagann and Legend of the Overfiend as the same type of "sexy" anime. Jawdroppingly stupid. And it doesn't stop there. That stupidity is what people should be talking about, not rising to the bait some a**hole wanna-be pop journalist setup.
nadiaoxford 9/16/2008 1:05:23 PM
Having seen (and, horrors, enjoyed) my share of anime porn, I know that not every selection involves rape. But I don't think I should pretend it doesn't exist, either. I was hoping I made it clear that anime is varied in all regards. Manga Sutra, for example, is really cute and funny.
zaldar 1/21/2009 2:06:12 PM

Sorry but you didn't.  Your problem with moe is a litte ridiculous.  Moe is NOT sex.  I don't understand it much but even I know that.  Yes rape porn exists and there is good evidence that it keeps rape down in countries like Japan.  The pedophilic stuff also exists but is NOT at all the majority of what is written or made.  Thank you for bringing up the subject so it can be discussed but you seem to have a take on it that is almost as uninformed as the author of the MSNBC article which I honestly don't understand.

sooog 3/26/2010 4:22:09 PM

Crazy as it seems to admit, when the last WGA strike came by

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