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Tevii 5/21/2014 3:18:25 PM

Seems like such a wasted opportunity on Disney's part to deliver an animated Marvel movie.

ElBaz13 5/22/2014 7:03:11 PM

No it isn't. What do you expect? The A-list stars characters? Nope. Reserved for the movies. The B-list ones? Nope. Reserved for the TV shows.

If an animated Marvel movie will come out, it will be obscure characters. This is one example. Wouldn't be surprised to see other stuff like Power Pack or even a Star Comic character.

Woodye 5/22/2014 7:22:58 PM

It's a computer animated movie.  It's going to print it's own money.  Unless it doesn't.  Like Mars Needs Moms.  ::shrugs::  It's not like they were ever going to do a live action for this property...and you don't have tyhe rights to Sunfitre anyway so what would be the point.

Wiseguy 5/23/2014 4:15:56 AM

That was great.

Agree with ElBaz.

DarthBob 5/23/2014 5:04:27 AM

Looks like fun to me

monkeyfoot 5/23/2014 8:26:21 AM

I don't know the comic but this teaser looks like fun. At the moment this is only a hint of what the rest of the movie will be like. Just last year for Frozen they first released a teaser of the snowman Olaf trying to get back his carrot nose from a moose. It barely hinted at the rest of the story and has gone on to become an instant classic. Could be the same here. 

Vocabulate 5/23/2014 11:44:10 AM

 This is officially the first movie my 4.5 year old daughter is looking forward to based on a trailer.  I have now seen this trailer more times than I've seen Frozen and for a while there that movie was on auto-repeat in my household.

Disney Animation has some good stufff coming out of it - Winnie the Pooh was great, Tangled, Frozen, Wreck it Ralph - all good stories for the wee ones that don't drive the adults crazy.


ElBaz13 5/23/2014 12:34:35 PM

Actually, everyone assumed Disney Animation Studio would have suffered after the Pixar acquisition a few years ago, but I think they got better.

The Pixar movies done after the acquistion: Toy Story 3, Brave, Cars 2 and Monsters U. (Up and Ratatouille were in development prior to the merge)

The Disney ones: Tangled, Wreck it Ralph, Frozen, Winnie the Pooh, Bolt, Princess and the Frog

As much as I really liked Toy Story 3, overall, the Disney Studios films are better.

shadowhammer 5/23/2014 1:43:59 PM

 This reminds me of one of the first trailers for The Incredibles.

I remember seeing Mr. Incredible trying to fit into his old suit many years after settling into family life. :-)

Eldogg42 5/30/2014 12:31:07 PM

I'm not sure I get the connection with Marvel?? I've never heard of Big Hero Six.  To me this seems more like a Disney animated movie then a Marvel/Disney animated movie.



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