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BIG OVER EASY Puts Spin on Fairy Tales

By News Editor     August 03, 2005
Source: USA Today and Amazon

THE BIG OVER EASY by Jasper Fforde.
© Viking Adult
Author Jasper Fforde recently had his new novel THE BIG OVER EASY published. It's a more adult take on certain famous fairy tales and nursery rhymes.

In the story, Humpty Dumpty is now a womanizer, who is often drunk, and is given to shady business dealings. Detective Inspector Jack Spratt and Sgt. Mary Mary investigate Humpty's fatal fall into 126 pieces, as they try to determine whether he was pushed or not.

The characters live in a town along with "Wee Willie Winkie, a shift worker with a sleep disorder; old Mrs. Hubbard, the not-so-motherly landlady; and notorious crime boss Giorgio Porgio."

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