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He-Man Movie a Ratings Hit

By Rob M. Worley     August 23, 2002

Cartoon Network has announced that He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is a ratings success.

The return ofcartoon superstars from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe(Friday, 4-5:30 p.m.) proved their ratings strength remains powerful,particularly with male viewers.

The original 90-minute movie special, which setthe stage for the all-new weekly half-hour series premiering Friday nights at 6p.m. starting Aug. 30, scored as the highest-rated program on all cable in itstime period among boys 6-11, boys 9-14, men 18-24 and all viewers 12-24.

Highlights of the movie's ratings and delivery growth among key demographicsvs. the same time period last year are
noted below:

Boys 9-14: 4.2rating (up 45%), 405,000 delivery (up 59%)
Boys 6-11: 4.7 rating (up 15%), 458,000 delivery (up 29%)
Men 18-24: 1.4 rating (up 1,400%), 132,000 delivery (up 4,300%)
Tweens 9-14: 2.7 rating (up 29%), 491,000 delivery (up 34%)
Kids 6-11: 3.0 rating (up 3%), 552,000 delivery (up 12%)
Viewers 12-24: 1.5 rating (up 150%), 552,000 delivery (up 160%)
Adults 18-34: 1.0 rating (up 233%), 472,000 delivery (up 278%)

He-Man andthe Masters of the Universe is the prequel of how Prince Adam becameHe-Man, the most powerful man in the universe. He-Man and the Masters of theUniverse defend Castle Grayskull and all of Eternia from the tyrannical Skeletorand his Evil Warriors. The He-Man series was introduced to television audiencesin 1983 and became one of the most successful kids entertainment properties inhistory.


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