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Hulk Smash Counterfiet DVDs!!

By Jason Lethert     December 04, 2002

So, you'rea rabid fanboy, eagerly anticipating the release of Ang Lee's The Hulk thissummer. You're salivating over it. You can't get enough green!

To hold you over, you've bought the hardcover Return of the Monstercomic book, and to satiate your need for Gamma Radiation further, you wantto relive past Hulk-outs with Lou Ferrigno. Only, they haven't yetbeen released on DVD stateside, so you ordered them from Canada or off of eBay. Aren't you clever? Not quite, fanboy! That DVD isbreaking the law!

A flood of DVDs featuring old GreenGenes has been hitting the internet, apparently originating from north ofthe border. Many fans were wondering why Canada is luckier than us- no Incredible Hulk DVDs have been released here.

Our intrepid collectors ofpop culture here at Comics2Film have found out why - the Incredible Hulk is coming toDVD in the good ole U.S. of A. next spring from the good people at AnchorBay, so all the Hulksters out there will get their dose of gamma rays wellbefore the movie comes out. But what of Canada's preferential treatment?

Actually, those "releases in Canada are in fact illegal," informs Michael Felsher, Film Information Manager at Anchor Bay. Felsher tells us that a company called Top Ten Media is illegally distributing the feature-barren DVDs both in the U.S. and in Canada. However, these illicit DVDs should not be confused with VHS tapes of the show, which are sold under a legal license by Columbia House Home Video.

If you're on the fence as to whetherto wait for the officially sanctioned release, Felsher indicated that ifyou do, you'll get more than just the peace of mind that you don't have abootleg copy.

"Our upcoming releases will be fully remastered and containnew interviews with Hulk creator Stan Lee and star Lou Ferrigno," Felshersaid. You mean Hulk co-creator, Mike -- let's not forget about Jack"the King" Kirby just because he won't be in the interviews!


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