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Jeremiah 90210

By Rob M. Worley     February 22, 2002

When Luke Perrysteps into the future that is Jeremiah he'll be visited by fellow BeverlyHills 90210 resident Jason Priestly according to a recent write-up on SCIFI Wire. The news comes from Jeremiah co-star Malcolm-JamalWarner speaking at a screening of the new show in Los Angeles this week.

"JasonPriestley actually comes in and does what's probably my favorite episode,"Warner told SCI FI Wire. "He plays this ... badass, crazy cat who'staken over this military base, and he's just bombing towns just for the f-ck ofit. It's crazy. ... Luke and I, because we do it on a weekly basis, I guess I'mused to him. But when we're doing this episode with Jason, and I'm just laughingto myself, like, 'Wow, this is the 90210 guy, and he's f-cking great.' I mean,his character is a maniac."

Warner tellsfans to look for Michael Rooker (The 6th Day) in an episode aswell.


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