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Justice League Producer Talks Season 2

By Jason Lethert     January 24, 2003

Justice League director Dan Ribatalked with Comics2Film last weekend at the LosAngeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention, and he revealed a little bit about what rabid fans can expect inthe highly anticipated second season.

The first item Riba dropped was thatviewers who rejected the letterbox airings of Justice League may want to reconsider forseason two. During season one, Cartoon Network aired both standard andletterbox versions, the latter to appease the creative team, who directed andanimated the episodes for a letter box format. But purists argued thatwhatever format it was intended for, there is extra cartoon in the standardversion. Well, no more. "This season, we're animating it inletter box format. So if you watch the standard version, you'll havemissing footage on the sides of the screen," Riba said.

After working on Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, and Justice League, Riba considered thetask of continually stepping up the comic book action in his cartoons. "Yeah... it's really hard. The idea of topping ourselves is soinsane, it's so hard. But that's what we set up for ourselves. It'sgetting harder and harder to come up with new types of action," Riba said.

The Justice League cartoon bucked thetrend of other shows like X-Men: Evolution and eliminated the heroessecret identities from screen time. "It had kinda been our intentionthat it would be 'what if these people really did exist? They wouldbe gods. They would be distant from us.' And they wouldn'tdeal with all that secret identity stuff. As far as I'm concerned, Flashsleeps in that outfit," Riba said.

However, Riba let it slip that thisseason might be different. "In the first season we wanted to focus onsuper heroic stuff. But this season, there's a lot more of it - a lot moreof them outside their costumes. We felt we could loosen up; now that weknow them and we know how they operate as super heroes, now we can take abreather and deal with them and their normal lives a little more," Ribasaid.

But when it came asked about anyspecifics of what to expect in the upcoming season, Riba took an extremely longpause before finally saying "Ah... boy, we've got some big stuff planned,but I cant really talk about it. But it's big. And it'll be great." But C2F was able to find a few more tidbits about the upcomingseason, so look for our upcoming interview with Justice League and StaticShock voice actor Phil LaMarr.


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