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Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure Update

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Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure Part 3 Update

WHOA, really?

By Robert T. Trate     December 06, 2013

Will Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure Continue?

It seems that the San Dimas’ Wyld Stallyns may have to put on a benefit concert for their next picture. Keanu Reeves gave Access Hollywood several updates on the film, while promoting his new picture 47 Ronin (due 12-25-13). The big shocker is: “It needs to be adapted because right now, it would cost $400 million to make,” according to Reeves. 

He further supplied Access Hollywood with the why for the budget. It seems “There’s a rift in the universe and there’s all sorts of creatures,” this apparently makes the script to prohibitive to make.

Though all hope isn’t lost and Keanu hopes to be back with Alex Winter for the third installment. “The script is funny and there’s a story to tell there, so there are efforts being made to try and continue that journey.”

Looks like there is still hope and plenty of time for the sequel.  

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Chopsticksmaloy 12/6/2013 9:27:11 AM

400 million? Avatar cost around 350 million to make (give or take) and that movie had a huge amount of FX. Both "Bill & Ted" movies had 80's "Doctor Who" special effects. I really can't see why it would cost as much as he is saying. Does Alex Winter want to make enough to fund a big budget documentry or does Keanu Reeves want to buy an evil island? Don't get me wrong, I do want to see a third movie but the price tag is he telling us is a tad absurd. 

redhairs99 12/6/2013 11:32:23 AM

Yeah, that does sound a bit absurd on the budget, but I'm hopeful they can come together and put something really cool.  I loved the first one and the second was more 'meh."

FrozenFear 12/6/2013 11:39:04 AM

Holy S! Didn't Keanu just make "Man of Tai Chi" for $50 million with a robotic camera?

axia777 12/6/2013 2:53:10 PM

 This is going to crashe and burn worse than the Hindenburg. Why would some half-witted movie executive give this pile of crap of a project this amount of cash is beyond me.

Think about how many awesome ideas that could be made into a movie instead of this retarded crap. Keanu Reeves's career is officially dead, at least to me it is. What a total joke.

Tevii 12/6/2013 3:21:33 PM

I am totally down for this third movie. I loved the other two, cheesiness and all.

Hope they can knock the budget down and get this done

axia777 12/6/2013 3:41:48 PM

Don't get me wrong, I loved the first one. The second one not so much. But really, George Carlan is dead. Let's all admit he was half the reason those movies were even awesome in the fist place.

Unless the writers try to make this really relevant to today;s time and culture this movie is doomed to fail HARD. I am calling it now. This sill get the Razzie of the Year Award and it will be the biggest flop of the year too.


SarcasticCaveman 12/6/2013 3:58:34 PM

 I don't know, I have to disagree, axia...I loved George Carlin, but he was really barely in either one of the movies, he wasn't overly comedic in either of the movies...he was the celebrity they used to initially sell the movie which starred "the guy from The Lost Boys" and "that brown haired guy".  I think you give him too much credit for both movies.  

jedi4sshield 12/6/2013 4:41:39 PM

I hear him talking but all I keep hearing from him is Greed! Also, the invisible Executives are whispering the words "greed, greed and more greed."

Chopsticksmaloy 12/6/2013 4:47:31 PM

Joe Dante said that the only reason to make a sequel is too make more money. That is unless the sequel is needed to continue or add to the story. Unless a Bill & Ted sequel adds something of value and of course it could but if this is only a move to make more money then there is little reason to revisit it. 

SarcasticCaveman 12/6/2013 6:06:18 PM

 Nice quote from Joe Dante, the man who made "Gremlins 2: The New Batch"...

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