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Man-Thing Bogged by Punisher, Werewolf

By Jason Lethert     June 27, 2002

Screenwriter Hans Rodionoff recently spoke with Creature Corner regarding his work on various Marvel Comics properties, and he says that the focus has shifted a bit at Artisan films. Previously, it appeared that Man-Thing was one of Rodionoff's highest priorities, but that doesn't seem to be the case any more.

"Right now, getting Punisher up and running is Artisan's main focus, [and] Man-Thing has taken a back seat" Rodionoff said. Another freak of nature, however, seems to be faring better: "I took a brief hiatus from the swamp to get involved with Werewolf By Night." Rodionoff continues: "I [still] think the time is right for a great, creepy movie set in the Everglades. We'll have to wait and see what happens with that one."

But Rodionoff isn't too disappointed, as he's enjoying writing the script for Werewolf By Night, saying it is "my favorite project to date. Marvel has given me the opportunity to branch into a really high-octane combination of action and horror." He stresses that this won't be your father's werewolf movie. "The idea from this one was to take the werewolf myth and totally turn it on it's head. These aren't cumbersome werewolves that have trouble standing on their hind legs; these are less vapid, feral creatures.

Rodionoff was quick to say that the film will be much more than monsters and horror. "There's also a cast of extremely complex characters. I think it's the characters that will engage the audience and really set this one apart from any other werewolf movie."

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