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Man-Thing Director, Punisher, Werewolf Writers

By Dave Richards     February 13, 2003

The successof Spider-Man and X-Men opened a portal from the Marvel universeto Hollywood. Avi Arad, the man who oversees Marvel superheroes ontheir voyages to the big screen joked that the only Marvel character youshouldn't look for at the theaters is Dazzler.

Arad talked to reportersfor E! Online's new InkTank column and dished some info on a number of Marvel film projects.Arad said that Michael Tolkin who penned Robert Altman's The Playerwill be writing a draft of the Johanathan Hensleigh helmed adaptation ofThe Punisher. He said that an Oscar nominated screenwriter is rewritingthe script for Werewolf By Night.

A Deathlok film isin development with Paramount according to Arad. Deathlok is one of Marvel'scyborg characters. The film tells the story of a man being turned intoa computer. Arad did not offer and information about the projects but hesaid Silver Surfer and Namor films were both on the way.

Ink Tank also got commentfrom Arad on one of Marvel's smaller budget films, an adaptation of Man-Thing.Man-Thing was a swamp monster whose touch burned anyone who was afraidof him. He guarded a mystical swamp deep in the heart of the Florida Everglades.Brett Leonard (Lawnmower Man) will direct the movie. The film will focusmore on the title character's status as an urban legend. The productionis slated to begin very soon in New Orleans. Arad said, "I hope in twomonths."


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