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MIB Agents Love Their Job

By Dave Richards     June 28, 2002

The Fourth of July is drawing near, and once again it's time for Will Smith to save the world. Smith and his co-star Tommy Lee Jones have been making rounds promoting Men in Black 2, which opens nationwide July 3rd. Dark Horizons Correspondent Paul Fisher was able to get interviews with both MIB agents.

Smith and Jones were both excited about the film and praised the film's director Barry Sonnenfeld. Smith said, "The things that Barry Sonnenfeld laid out that he wanted to do, comedically, were irresistible." Jones said, "The best thing about THIS script was that it was going to be directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, and it had Will in it. It also meant the chance for us to get back together and have some fun again."

Jones believes the fun they had was essential to making a successful sequel: "That's a very important part of the process, especially on a project like this. Barry does not believe that you can ask the audience to have any fun, if YOU'RE not having any fun yourself. He dedicates himself to being sure that the day is fun, and Will and I try to do everything we can to do to help him."

Jones believes that the cast and crew were successful in making MIIB a funny film. He told Paul Fisher that he would see the film even if he were not in it. Jones said, "Hell yes, I'd go and see this and everybody else should too. I think it's very funny and I hope I made some contribution to its sense of humour."

Paul Fisher asked Smith about the potential for a third Men in Black film. Smith did not rule it out, "If this one's successful and people like it, which I'm sure they will, I think there's some meat on the bone, but I don''t want it to deteriorate. I think THIS film has some scream-applause laughter. Any time you can make an audience clap a laugh, that's a good thing. And if we can deliver that with an MIB3, I'm all for it."


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