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Powerpuff Girls And DBZ Raid Burger King

By Rob M. Worley     January 28, 2002

BeginningJanuary 28th, more heroes head for Burger King. Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles,collectively known as the Powerpuff Girls, will be paired withGoku, Krillin and the rest of the Dragon Ball Z crew inside BurgerKing Big Kids' Meals.

The cartoon kidsmeals follow closely on the recentX-Men: Evolution toys served to big kids at the fast food chain.

"ThePowerpuff Girls and Dragon Ball Z characters have hugeappeal among girls and boys; both properties are red-hot," said Brian Gies,director, National Promotions, Burger King Brands, Inc. "By combining twomust-have toys inside our Big Kids' Meals, we've created incredible value forour young customers."

The toys areapproximately 3.5 to 4.5-inches high and packaged side-by-side in special dualpolybags. There will be a new power pair each week for five weeks.

In addition tothe toys, each Big Kids' Meal also includes an exclusive "Orbit" codethat kids can use online at Cartoon Orbit at www.cartoonnetwork.com.Kids can collect and use these codes to claim exclusive cToons of PowerpuffGirls and Dragon Ball Z characters, based on the BurgerKing toys.

cToons aredigital trading cards featuring different characters. These cToons populatepersonal cartoon Web sites called cZones. When kids have collected all five ofthe Powerpuff Girls or Dragon Ball Z Burger Kingcodes, the site will grant them access to a surprise.

"We'redelighted to be working with Burger King to bring the magic of the PowerpuffGirls in-store to their customers, as well as extending the funonline," said Phyllis Ehrlich, senior vice president, Promotions Marketing,Cartoon Network.

"DragonBall Z is the ultimate battle between good and evil, with a huge helpingof comedy. You couldn't ask for a better show to attract boys - and girls - toBurger King restaurants," said Gen Fukunaga, president, FUNimation.


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