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Road Opens Small. MIIB To Slay Dragons?

By Rob M. Worley     July 12, 2002

We can'tremember the last time two comic book movies opened back-to-back but thisweekend will be the second in a row that an adaptation made its debut.  RoadTo Perdition opens today, to a chorus of critical approve, but don'texpect it to open at #1 like the previous three comic book movies have.

According to awrite-up in The Hollywood ReporterDreamworks is planning a more low-key rollout of the pic opening it on only1,797 theaters. The studio is apparently aiming for a long swim rather than abig splash at the box office.

Pundits expectlast week's comic flick, Men In Black II to be a contender for thetop spot for the second week in a row. The alien agents square off against someformidable competition in the cool-looking dragon attack feature Reign ofFire.


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