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Sabrina Coming To Game Boy Advance

By Rob M. Worley     February 18, 2002

Ubi SoftEntertainment, one of the world's largest video game publishers, and Archie ComicPublications, Inc. along with Viacom ConsumerProducts, the licensing division of Paramount Television, today announced an exclusive licensing agreement for Ubi Soft to develop and publish a game based on the popular television series Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.

The title for the Game Boy Advance covers all countries, and is expected to ship worldwide in the fall of 2002.

"This gives Ubi Soft an opportunity to capture a large American public and to capitalize on the popularity of one of the country's strongest brands," said Yves Guillemot, president and CEO of Ubi Soft Entertainment. "The game will complete our range for GameBoy Advance and help us continue to retain our position as one of the major third-party publishers for Nintendo."

"The Sabrina franchise continues to be a vibrant property, both here and abroad," said Andrea Hein, president, Viacom Consumer Products. "Viacom has an excellent track record with youth-oriented properties, and Ubi Soft is well respected in the family entertainment arena. Together we will continue Sabrina's magic in the gaming world."

Since 1996, the television series has been broadcast during prime time on Friday evenings and is currently being aired on the WB, the #1 network for girls and teen girls in theUS according to NTI Galaxy Explorer.

It can also be seen in France - on Canal J - as well as in Belgium, Italy and Great Britain. In the US, the series is closely followed by viewers between 2 and 17, and is the number-one ranked show among teens in itstimeslot. It tells the story of Sabrina, who finds out she is a witch on her 16th birthday and gradually learns to live with her magic powers.


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