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Shadow Man Returns To PlayStation

By Rob M. Worley     March 01, 2002

Acclaim comicsfans are still waiting for the movie version of Shadow Man to moveforward. There was a bit of good news to that end last month when the tradesannounced that Dimension had renewed their movie option on that deal.

In the mean timeAcclaim has announced the release of Shadow Man: 2econd Coming asa game for PlayStation 2. Acclaim shipped copies of the new game this week.

According topress materials the game features an all new game engine that was designed, developed and delivered exclusively for thePlayStation 2 computer entertainment system.

"Shadow Man: 2econd Coming brings an entirely new level of horror to thePlayStation 2 that will raise the hairs on gamers' necks," said Evan Stein, Vice President of Brand. "Amid chilling new environments, scores of horrific enemies and white-knuckle action at every twist and turn, Shadow Man: 2econd Coming will deliver an unparalleled gaming experience."

The game marks the return of MikeLeRoi, an undead demon-hunter on a twisted voodoo journey through the darkest recesses of the soul. In Shadow Man: 2econd Coming, players assume the role of both LeRoi and his "Deadside" alter ego, Shadow Man, as they battle the Grigori, a group of sadistic demons that have been masquerading as humans for the past 2000 years. Players must use all of their cunning and strength to defeat theGrigori, who are trying to rescue their leader Asmodeus, from the Pit. If successful,destruction of biblical proportions will befall humanity. However, the one man that is standing between life and eternal darkness is Shadow Man.

Shadow Man: 2econd Coming offers an array of exciting features, including:

  • 30+ hours of haunting gameplay;
  • Epic storyline filled with thrills, chills and twists, which are unveiled to the player though both scripted in-game events and dynamic cinematics;
  • Third-person horror adventure, featuring multiple routes and the combination of platform, combat, stealth and puzzle-based gameplay;
  • In-game transitions between day and night, each filled with unique actions and abilities;
  • Real-time weather effects, including torrential rain and icy snow;
  • Rule-based reactive artificial intelligence, allowing enemies to realistically respond to actual in-game events;
  • Six seamlessly connected game locations, each massive with numerous sub areas;
  • Ambidextrous gameplay - twice the gore with a fully-functional weapon in each hand;
  • Multiple game saving locations.

Shadow Man: 2econd Coming willenjoy full nationwide retail distribution on March 7 at a suggested retail price of $49.99.


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