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OmegaDean 4/26/2013 4:21:46 PM

@Wormlander if I really need to go into why the 1st 3 Xmovies suck, then you really need help. Cannon aside with exception of Patrick Stewart / Ian McKellan interplay, those were some of the most poorly written films on a whole. With the exception of certain scenes most of the characters pale shadows of themselves and the casting was horrid. Alan Cummings opening scene in X-2 was brilliant. The rest of that movie was hollow and weak. All the X-Men's powers were retardedly dumbed down. Why was angel in X-3? Really tell me what purpose he served? I really don't have to justify my untter disdain of the films to you or anyone else for that matter.

You have to understand Wormlander I'm in that vast minority that Don't like the Dark Knight films either.

As far as other comic book properties making a mark Blade & Blade II were brilliant. And even Blade III had its moments. And we won't talk about alot of the Graphic Novel adaptations that were done during that time that made huge strokes in the right direction... Raod to Perdition and History of Viloence to name a couple.

As I said before. I don't like Brian Singers work on genre material. I love when he does his own thing.

@Axia777 I'm praying the Man of Steel rocks. I really want a great film from DC.

@Darth of the Dead.... Yes Disney needs to buy Fox now and fire everyone there and take all their Marvel properties back.


OmegaDean 4/26/2013 4:23:59 PM

@Wormlander And one more thing I did explain why I hated those films... Brian Singer... And Brett Ratner was a studio tool on the set of X-3.


wormlander 4/28/2013 9:56:39 AM

@axia777 - No need to be sorry man. I haven't met a single soul out there that doesn't agree "Iron Man" set a whole new standard for SH movies, but you just said it yourself; "The X-Men movies were great up until Marvel kicked their ass with Iron Man". Now this really begs the question. How does a movie go from "great" to "a complete suckfest" (not necessarily in your words, but still highly representative of the general standpoint voiced in this thread) in less than 15 years? If the X-Men series was once truly "great" (which I personally hold true) there should still be a lot more speaking for it today than I hear people confess to here on Mania. Just yelling "outdated effects" doesn't even begin to explain a decline like that. Also, if it wasn't for the success of the X-Men and the Spiderman franchises (Blade is excused as I don't count him as a "super hero"), "Iron Man" would probably never have looked the way it did.

I just re-watched the entire X-Men "quadrilogy" and they're still, if not great, at least very good movies that have stood the test of time pretty well, especially compared to most other entries in the genre. I believe the strongest reasons for this are: 1) The excellent character gallery 2) The expert cast of actors 3) The refreshing focus on the philosophical and psychological aspects of the main characters and their personal relationships and development (Especially the Xavier/Magneto juxtaposition is brilliantly executed) 4) The continuous exploration of newly discovered powers in mutants. I generally find this phase to be the most fascinating when it comes to SH-movies, for example in comparison to learning about yet another way for Iron Man to get in and out of his suit (Yes, I just watched IM3 but that's for another thread)

Last but not least, "X-Men" was always about the human struggle and the need to fit in. Maybe this theme is a little too close to home for some of the geeks on this board? Big, muscular men do have their place in the world of Superheroes but they don't automatically make for interesting characters. I'm not surprised the only gay headline ever published on Mania is still the most maniacal...

@OmegaDean - The lack of objective criticism in your answers tells me that your hate of Singer is clearly based on deep feelings of disapointment and that you're not really interested in, nor fit for, a sound analytical debate on these movies. Though I will give you the benefit of a doubt and assume that your second comment was indeed intended as a joke.

DarthoftheDead 4/28/2013 7:45:32 PM

OmegDean - Don't get me started about Fox, Sir, lol....

And pay no mind to wormlander, its painfully obvious there's  alot of things in life he just does'nt get and i would guess that, why alot of us are disappointed with the Xmovies, are the LEAST of them..... 

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