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Spawn 2 Gets New Writer

By Rob M. Worley     December 03, 2002

Comics2Filmhas learned that the new writer on Spawn 2 is none other thanfrequent comic-to-film scribe Hans Rodionoff.

Rodionoff'sinvolvement in the McFarlane sequel was confirmed for us yesterday by producerDon Murphy. "Hans is a god among men and is writing away," Murphy toldus.

Regular C2Freaders should be well-acquainted with Rodionoff's name. The screenwriter iscarving a niche for himself in the comic book movie arena. He's turned in draftsof the Man-Thing and Werewolf By Night movies toMarvel. He's also attached to the development of Matt Wagner's Grendel.

Rodionoff takesover writing chores from Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and Spawncreator Todd McFarlane, who developed the initial take on the movie. 

C2F spoketo Rodionoff to get his perspective on the project. While one of his goals is tobring Spawn back into the story, he agrees with the decision to emphasize Samand Twitch over the dark hero.

"One of thechallenges of doing a movie where the protagonist is a demon is that it's kindof hard to feel for that character. One of the things Niles and Todd did withthe last draft was have it be more of a Sam and Twitch story," Rodionoffsaid. "The problem is it became solely a Sam and Twitch movie and therewasn't enough Spawn."

Rodionoff plansto depict the detectives in a less comedic light, and play up the maverick hearts that Sam and Twitch oftendisplay in the comics."The way that I see these two characters is not so much like a fat guy witha donut stuck on his ass and a nerdy guy with big coke-bottle glasses,"Rodionoff said. "These guys are more like Riggs and Murtaugh [from LethalWeapon]. If you dropped Blade into Lethal Weapon,you've got sort of what I'm going for."

The new scriptwill strike a balance, keeping the detectives front and center, but bringing inthe chains, glowing green eyes and red cape elements as well. However, the tonewill remain dark and eschew some of the goofier aspects of the firstmovie.

"When theSpawn elements play out it'll be more about watching him scare the crap out ofbad guys. His power comes from how damn scary he is. He's a character who isevil for the sake of good," Rodionoff said. "He comes down out of therafters and, if you're a bad guy, you know you can't escape this thing."

The screenwritersaid he's a big fan of the comics and the animated Spawn show."I think Todd's a pretty genius guy," Rodionoff said. Thescreenwriter grew up on Marvel horror titles like Man-Thing, WerewolfBy Night and Tomb of Dracula, where monsters show up asheroes.  "I remember reading Spawn and thinking Toddmust have grown up on all those same titles."

It's uncertainhow closely Rodionoff will work with McFarlane, but the screenwriter said hewelcomes the opportunity.

Work is inprogress on the script, with a first draft expected early next year. Plans arefor a PG-13 take on the material. Spawn 2is set up at Columbia Pictures where it quickly landed after New Line Cinemapassed on it. New Line was the studio behind the original, moderately successfullive-action Spawn movie.


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