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Spider-Man 2 Screenwriters Named?

By Rob M. Worley     January 28, 2002

The ComicsContinuum reports that Alfred Gough and Miles Millar "might be"the top candidates to pen the script for the sequel to the Spider-Manmovie, should there be one.

The typicallyreliable Continuum sites unnamed sources who say the pair is in the mix.However, the information has not been confirmed with Marvel, Sony or the writersthemselves at this point.

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In otherSpidey news, game maker Treyarch Corporation recentlyreleased some new stills and info about the Spider-Man: The Movie Game.

According tothe website the game will sport "all-new aerial combat andmaneuverability" which will have Spidey duking it out with the bad guyshigh over the city street. The Green Goblin, the Shocker and the Vulture are setto provide the conflict in the game, as are the all new experiment HK mech unitscompliments of Oscorp Industries.

Treyarch is awholly subsidiary of Activision, who will be releasing the game this May.Activision announced last August that Treyarch would be developing the game forSony PlayStation2, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo GameCube.


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