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Static Shock Gets New Costume

    September 10, 2002

TheComics Continuum presented readers with a first look at the new costume forStatic in the upcoming third season of Static Shock on the Kids' WB! 

"The third season is going to look a littledifferent," said Denys Cowan, a producer on the show. "And the biggestthing is that Static will have a costume change. We felt we needed to make moreit toward the feel of the comic book, but kept the flavor of the first twoseasons."

Cowan said that the first re-design for Static didn't makethe cut. It was tested on a group of boys and girls, who didn't appreciate thenew digs.

"They just gave me a blank stare," Cowan said,laughing. "So we decided to go back to the drawing board and back to thebasics."

Thethird season of Static Shock won't begin on Sept. 14 when Kids'WB! kicks off the new season because the show was a late pick-up. According toThe Continuum, a network representative said the new season of StaticShock is expected to begin in either November or January.

Checkout the Continuum for a sneak peakof the the new costume.


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