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Static Shock! Season Premiere

    January 10, 2003

Kids'WB has announced the third season premiere of Static Shock!will be Saturday, January 25 (10:30 a.m. ET/9:30 a.m. PT). As Comics2Filmhas previously reported, the new season holds some changes for StaticShock, including a new costume and a new sidekick. Static's best friendRichie will take up the mantle of 'Gear' and help Static defend their town ofDakota from all sorts of new threats through out the third season.

StaticShock will also have a new theme song, by child rapper Lil' Romeo, whowill also make a guest appearance as himself later in the season.

Kids' WB hasalso confirmed the season opener will be set in Gotham City and involve anotherteam up with Batman. The Justice League, Superman, Brainiac and She-Bang are allscheduled to appear on the show this season as well.

Fans can headover to ToonZone for an expanded look at the new season.  They provide a list of episode titles for the season3 including "HardAs Nails", "Role Models", "Gear", "The UsualSuspect", "Shebang", "Flashback", "Showtime","A League of their Own" Part 1 and 2, "Blast from the Past"and "L'il Romeo".

For a morein-depth look at what the new episodes of Static Shock! willbring, check out thecomplete article.


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