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Static Shock Writer Talks Special Episode

    February 11, 2003

The Comics Continuum recently talked to Static Shock's Dwayne McDuffie, who wrote this Saturday's episode called "Static in Africa." This should be one of the bigger episodes of the season and features guest voices by several stars. McDuffie is enthusiastic about the episode and calls it "my favorite episode of all the cartoons I've worked on so far."

"Everything came together beautifully, terrific direction and animation, gorgeous painted backgrounds of locations in and around Ghana, outstanding performances -- as usual -- from the regular cast and wonderful guest turns from Carl Lumbly, Michael Jai White and Roscoe Lee Brown," McDuffie said. "Did I mention the musical score? I should have."

McDuffie also said "Static In Africa" is an especially appropriate episode for Black History Month.

"Originally this episode was titled 'Role Models' and while the title changed along the way, the intent didn't," he said. "To me, this is an important part of what Static Shock is all about."

Check out The Continuum for the whole story.


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