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Static Goes Backstreet On This Week's Episode

By Rob M. Worley     April 22, 2002

Kids' WB!welcomes "Larger Than Life" Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean in his firstKids' WB! animated guest appearance on Static Shock Saturday,April 27 (8:30 a.m. ET/7:30 a.m. PT). The synthesizing episode will include thevoice talents of actor Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Jeremiah, TheCosby Show) and rapper/actor Coolio (Gangsta's Paradise, Charmed).McLean, Warner and Coolio are among the latest celebrities to lend their voicesfor special episodes of top-rated animated series on the #1 broadcast network.

In the episodeentitled "Duped," A.J. McLean stars as himself -- dealing withscreaming fans, music business bureaucracy and a meta-human who impersonates himwith negative consequences. A.J. takes Adam Evans (voice of Kadeem Hardison, ADifferent World) -- a.k.a. Rubberband Man -- under his wing to"show him the meaning of being a singer." When record companyexecutive Lester Biggs (Warner) takes A.J.'s advice to sign Adam to a musicdeal, rebel meta-human Replikon (Coolio) believes the deal should go to himinstead. Using his powerful shape-shifting abilities, Replikon kidnaps A.J. andassumes his identity. This bad-boy version of A.J. changes his feelings aboutAdam and pushes for Replikon to get signed. With the real A.J. locked away, willStatic discover the truth before Adam's career is ruined forever?

"Duped"airs at 8:30 a.m. ET on the Kids WB!


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