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Supergirl--and Rumors--Take Flight!

By Dave Richards     June 14, 2002

Filmjerk.com reported a potentially frightening story for Comics2Film readers. According to the site, Warner Bros has the writer behind the infamous Batman and Robin working on a film treatment of another DC comics character.

Filmjerk reports that Akiva Goldsman (Batman and Robin, A Beautiful Mind) is working on a film treatment of Supergirl. According to the report, this story treatment makes refrence to stories that Supergirl comic-book writer Peter David has written. Elements mentioned include the stories of a link between Linda Danvers and Matrix and of Supergirl becoming an earth-born Angel. The material appears to be such a summary of David's work, it even makes references to a specific issue number.

Upon hearing this story, a curious Peter David looked to see if there was any truth to the supposed treatment, and was surprised at what he found. In a post on Comicon.com's message boards, David wrote, "Well, this is interesting. Some of the item is correct (which is going to come as a surprise to the DC editors I asked about it who knew nothing of it). Most of it is not true."

According to David, Goldsman's office confirmed that he has indeed been approached about developing a Supergirl film. However, the character is being called "an amalgam of several different incarnations of the comic book character." Goldsman's people also told David that the character will be darker than the comic incarnations, and darker than anything seen on television, pointing out Buffy the Vampier Slayer as the chief comparison. "Dunno..." David adds, "Has there ever been anything darker than the latest season of "Buffy?"

David speculates that Filmjerk's material was simply a summary of the current comic-book character, which was being passed on to Goldman for research. In David's opinion, Goldsman had no intention of "simply lifting wholesale" David's storyline for a film treatment. He concludes, "Who could possibly envision a film that incorporated a Supergirl based on Lana Lang's brain patterns?"


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