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Werewolf by Night Rodionoff In The Howling Room

By Rob M. Worley     June 12, 2002

ScreenwriterHans Rodionoff has been hired to write several comic scripts in the past year. Comics2Filmrecently learned that the longtime comic fan is now working on a project he maybe uniquely qualified for: Marvel's Werewolf By Night.

"He may bea werewolf," Marvel's Kevin Feige said of the writer.

Rodionoff told C2Fthat, as a child, his obsession with the Marvel character had himsearching for black magic tomes at the library for spells that would transform him into alycanthrope. Exploring thosechildhood dreams has helped shape a script that delivers a new kind of werewolfmovie.

Werewolfby Night has been described as an epic love-story with plenty of horrorand action. The story started as a concept developed by Marvel chief Avi Aradalong with Feige and Marvel V.P. of production Ari Arad. John Fasano wroteseveral drafts of a script based on that.

"Now Hanshas come in and added his very unique style and combination of tone and atmosphere and flavor and texture, while at the same time building upthis relationship," Feige said.

"Avi, Kevin and Ari have came up with this storyline that is reallycool," Rodionoff told C2F. "It's giving me a chance to branch into all kinds of writing that I haven'tdone before.

"It's about a guy trying to figure out who he is andwhat his place is. It's kind of an inter-racial love story, almost. The characters are sodense and so well worked out," Rodionoff said. He credits Marvel withconstantly pushing for a fantasy movies that have substance.

"Marvel has this mandate for their movies where youshould be able to strip away the costumes and the crazy super-villains andeverything else, and have a really cool human story underneath it all,"Rodionoff told C2F. "That's very much what we have with Werewolf ByNight. If you took the werewolf out you'd stillhave a really cool movie."

Ari Arad seesRodionoff as having the ideal combination of skills for writing such a script."I think he's a very stylish genre writer. He writes very sensitivecharacters," Arad said. "He's always been especially interested in thehorror element of Marvel and he's very passionate about this character."

While this maysound like the makings of a romance novel, Feige tells fans that there's beplenty of genre action to look forward to. "Hans has done an excellent jobof giving us the kind of werewolf action that we've never seen but if you're afan of werewolves it's the kind of action you've always wanted to see,"Feige said.

"It's definitely not your averagewerewolf movie," Rodionoff adds.

Ari Arad saidhe's hopeful that the strong script will spark more movement on the project inthe coming months. "Obviously we are pretty passionate about it. We've hadthis one clear in our brain for a long time so we do want to see it getmade," Arad said.

Werewolfby Night is set up at Dimension Films with Crystal Sky Entertainment.


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