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Witchblade and Other Artifacts At Talismaniac.com

By Rob M. Worley     July 12, 2002

Fans of the WitchbladeTV show know that Sara Pezzini frequently consults with the character GabrielBowman for information about ancient artifacts. Bowman is an antiquities dealerwho runs a shop called Talismaniac. Like any good shopkeeper, he has a websiteat Talismaniac.com.

A Comics2Filmreader known as "Jon Movie Man" writes in to tell us that he typed theaddress into his web browser and discovered that the site is real. However thereis currently nothing on the site except a title card and a link to theWitchblade site at TNT.

We took a lookat the registrar for Talismaniac.comand discovered it is not owned by the fictitious Bowman. Rather, the domain isregistered to Witchblade showrunner Ralph Hemecker. No word onwhat plans Hemecker may have, but with faux sites complementing shows like Smallvilleand Mutant X, it's no surprise that Witchblade wouldfollow suit.


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