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X2 Set Spat?

By Dave Richards     December 05, 2002

TheNew York Post's Gossip Column: Page Six reported that things weren'tas rosy as they appeared to be during the filming of X-Men 2.Supposedlyduring one of the final days of shooting there were heated exchangesinvolving the film's cast, director and a producer.

Page Six alleges that whendirector Brian Singer reacted badly to a pain pill a huge argument betweenSinger and producer Tom De Santo erupted. Page Six said that an unnamedsource told them that because of this fight the cast threatened to walkoff the set.

A representative from Foxin Los Angeles commented on what happened. The Fox rep said that Singerdid react badly to a painkiller his driver had given him for his bad hip,"he got woozy." The rep also confirmed that Singer and De Santo did "havea spat" but the cast never threatened to walk off the set.

Thanks to DarkHorizons for the lead.


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