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X-Men 2 Prequel Comics

By Dave Richards     December 16, 2002

X-Fanreported that Marvel is planning two prequel comic books to coincide withthe release of X-Men 2 next year. The first comic features Wolverineand is written by Brian Vaughn with art by Tom Mandrake. The comic is calledX-Men 2 Movie Prequel: Wolverine.

The site gave a plot description,"In this prequel to the upcoming X2 movie, Wolverine hunts downthe secrets to his mysterious past and finds someone looking for similaranswers... Sabretooth! Starting where the original X-Men movie left off."

The other comic will followthe pre-film adventures of Nightcrawler who makes his first cinematic appearancewith X-Men 2. Chuck Austen wrote the book and Karl Kerschldid the art. 

The plot of X-Men 2 Movie Prequel: Nightcrawler isdescribed, "Meet the newest addition to the X2 movie cast, Nightcrawler,in a story set before his first appearance in the movie. Will Nightcrawlerend up being a friend of the X-Men... or a foe!"

X-Fan also reported thatChuck Austen would be writing the comic book adaptation of X-Men 2.

Thanks to DarkHorizons for the lead.


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