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X-Men 2: Set Visit Wrap Up!

By Heidi Meeley     October 31, 2002

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On October 18, Comics2Filmwas invited to join the online/genre press on the set of X-Men 2for a press conference and set tour. The "Million Dollar" pressconference, which boasted no less then 12 of the movie's stars and it'sdirector, was filled with a lot of humor and even an anecdote or two. It wasapparent that Director Bryan Singer intends to keep the fans guessing, with lotsof innuendo but not a lot of revelation as to the plot and the character's placein it. All I can tell you for certain is that the sequel will have a lot moreaction, and will take a darker tone.

We know that thefilm will have more characters, including newcomer Nightcrawler, portrayed byAlan Cumming. There is also a sneak peak at Colossus, and Lady Deathstrike makesthe scene in the guise of a character named Yuriko, played by Kelly Hu. ActorBrian Cox plays General Stryker, a nemesis who has a history with some of theX-Men. Otherwise, the characters appear to remain status quo. The biggestspeculation is to what growth and change the characters will make in this movieas opposed to their portrayal in the original.

ProductionDesigner Guy Dyas took the press around to sets that were being used in themovie. His obvious love of his job, and his humorous descriptions of the designwork and set building endeared him to the group at large. We know from our timespent with him that the X-Jet Mach 2 is an important part of the film's dialogueand action. We also know that the Villain's Lair was designed specifically toget a greater variety of different shots and to keep the action going as quicklyas possible. The crown jewel we saw was the Weapon X lab, complete with autopsychamber and morgue.

One of the mostexciting aspects of the tour was going through the art and design done in theproduction offices. Being able to see the sets being evolved into the finalproduct, and getting glimpses at sets that were not spoken about, made themysterious element of the film even more tantalizing. It is apparent that the X-Men2 crew intends to keep as much close to the vest as possible.

We leftVancouver BC with some idea of the tone of the sequel, but not with a concreteidea of how it will flow, which can be a good thing. As a filmgoer, it neverhurts to have a little bit of an adrenaline rush going to see the final productas it should be viewed, in a dark theater with a big bag of popcorn and a largedrink, and most importantly an audience that wants to be entertained.


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