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X-Men 2 Video Clips Online

By Rob M. Worley     November 04, 2002

Have you beenmissing out on recent TV coverage of X-Men 2? Then you may want totune your browsers to the Hugh Da Man v2.0 website. The site, devoted to Hugh Jackman (X2'sWolverine) has posted video clips from various TV programs. 

Check out the EntertainmentTonight clip for some playful banter with Jackman and co-star Kelly Hu, aswell as several behind-the-scenes shots from the set.

Also availableis a segment of E! News featuring Hu, director Bryan Singer and, youguessed it, Jackman. This one features mostly the same movie clips but also hasJackman talking about his nude scenes in the upcoming movie as well as theromance between his character and Jean Grey (played by Famke Janssen). Althoughthe actor would not comment on whether or not the characters kiss, he did saythat the tension between them comes to a "hefty resolution." 

Be sure to have WindowsMedia Player installed, then visit HughDa Man v 2.0.

Thanks toWolverine for the lead!


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