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X-Men Take Snowy Tumble

By Dave Richards     December 03, 2002

PatrickStewart talked to the CalgarySun's Louis B Hobson about the epic, intense and almost wacky climaxof X-Men 2. What Stewart told Hobson may contain small spoilers.So read ahead but be forewarned.

The scene involved the escapefrom General Stryker's headquarters in the mountains where the X-Men hadbeen held prisoner. The X-Men must trek through heavy snow to reach theirJet. Stewart said, "Eighteen months before we actually got to Kananaskis(inAlberta, Canada), we started wondering how the Professor was going to getto the jet. He couldn't use his wheelchair in all that snow."

It was eventually decidedthat Storm (Halle Berry) and Nightcrawler (Alan Cumming) would aid theprofessor in the retreat. Stewart said, "When we emerged from the undergroundprison, the three of us were in the lead with Famke Janssen, Hugh and theothers behind us.

"Halle and Alan were draggingmy legs through the snow. Suddenly Halle whispers in my ear that she'ssinking in the snow. The cameras are rolling as Halle's feet go from underneathher and she slides down, pulling me with her, and Alan comes down next-- and the three of us are flat on our faces in snow with our heads side-by-side."

The blooper will not be inthe final film but Stewart hinted that it might make a good extra on theX-Men 2 DVD.


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