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  • Episode: Man’s Best Friend with Benefits (Season 8, Episode 15)
  • Starring: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Osric Chau
  • Written By: Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming
  • Directed By: John Showalter
  • Network: The CW
  • Studio: Warner Brothers
  • Series:

Supernatural: Mans Best Friend with Benefits Review

the next trial they need to complete

By Tim Janson     February 24, 2013


While waiting to hear from the Kevin Tran about the next trial they need to complete, the Winchesters get a text from a cop who helped them on a previous case, James Frampton, asking for their help.  When they arrive in St. Louis they find out their friend as become a witch and that the message for help came from Portia, a witch’s familiar who can transform into a Doberman.  It seems that James has been having nightmares where he brutally kills innocent people and then finds out that those people really did die. 


But is James really committing the murders or is someone else just trying to frame him?  The Winchesters have to navigate the strange underworld of witches and wiccans as well as the local police department in order to find out who is truly behind the series of murders.  And through it all Dean can barely contain his amusement at James having a lover who is a dog.


This was a rather mundane episode of Supernatural.  I suppose that witches could present another regular foe for the Winchesters is and when they manage to close the gates of Hell so perhaps the producers just wanted to remind the viewers of the other types of dangers that were out there.  That said this week’s episode wasn’t overly compelling.  The boys didn’t seem like they had a whole lot to do and there was an overabundance of characters just standing around and talking.


Sam especially took a backseat this week as it was Dean who posed as a “wiccan from Detroit” to go undercover at a secret witch’s club. Dean also gets to smirk throughout and gets some choice amusing lines while poor Sam is left to play straight man.  Sam’s one moment came at the end of the episode when Dean asks him is he is all right as it relates to completing the other trials.  Sam insists he is but a sudden nosebleed indicates he is definitely not ok.  Gosh as if he hasn’t been through enough is this an indicator that the trials could possibly take an enormous physical toll on Sam or is there something else going on?



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SarcasticCaveman 2/24/2013 1:20:59 AM

 I've read a LOT of internet hate regarding this episode.  It wasn't the best, and I think the C grade is probably appropriate (I may have gone for C ), but it wasn't the awful thing that everybody was making it out to be.  My only gripe is this:  I'm a little tired of them introducing new "old" friends to the series.  Haven't there been enough extras and side characters in the show to bring back somebody who actually has some past screen time?  They need a cop who becomes a witch after learning what's what?  Why not Linda Blair's character from season 2?  The most unforgivable addition to their past, IMO, was the old man from the episode "Hunteri Heroici"...if the episode weren't so GREAT, I would be more pissed about it.  But really, not only was it a new character to the mythos, but they were well aware of his powers.  Remember how much angst they had surrounding Sam's psychic powers?  If they know that people like him, and possibly more powerful than him, exist, WHY would they have worried so much about Sam's visions?  I'm still enjoying the show overall, but it certainly seems like they're starting to play pretty fast and loose with what is supposed to make sense in the world of the show.

foonon 2/24/2013 8:04:34 PM

 Two things- this episode had the feeling of a pilot (like the OS Star Trek ep "Assignment: Earth"). Second, I think there will be a time limit on how long Sam has to finish the trials.

egoist 2/27/2013 1:31:50 PM

The most important thing in this episode that Sam made perfectly clear was the fact that Shemp is indeed the better stooge. Other than that this episode was designed to be a spinoff jumping point for the new series "Witches and their Bitches" coming soon to the CW.



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