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Mania Grade: A-

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  • Art Rating: A
  • Packaging Rating: A-
  • Text/Translation Rating: B+
  • Age Rating: 16 and Up
  • Released By: Yen Press
  • MSRP: 11.99
  • Pages: 208
  • ISBN: 9780316102285
  • Size: B6
  • Orientation: Right to Left

Black God Vol. #11

Black God Vol. #11 Manga Review

By Matthew Alexander     February 22, 2011
Release Date: November 30, 2010

Black God Vol. #11
© Yen Press

Mikami finds herself unable to avoid the Kaionji group, but will she be able to fight them off without the backup of a Contractee?

Creative Staff
Writer/Artist: Dall-Young Lim and Sung-Woo Park

What They Say
Mikami may have slipped through the Kaionji Group's fingers once, but they aren't about to let her escape again! Before she can make her getaway, Saishu of the Shishigami clan takes out Mikami's beloved Ferrari, forcing her to face him in battle. Enraged, Mikami readily leaps into the fight, but without a contractee even the fierce mototsumitama is no match for Saishu's skillful attacks. Excel watches in tears as her only precious friend is bloodied and beaten... which rouses memories of another person she once held very dear. 

Mikami and Excel have an odd relationship going for them. Excel can’t remember who she is and she is totally dependent on Mikami as her caregiver. But why is Mikami helping Excel? I always thought Mikami was rather cold, and the death of her Contractee and lover really seemed to push her over the edge. Quite frankly I had forgotten about her character until her recent reappearance.
Mikami’s attempt to hide from the Kaionji Group and care for Excel may have finally caught up to her. A powerful agent from Kaionji tracks Mikami down, and since she refuses to abandon Excel, Mikami finds herself in the fight of her life. First, Mikami’s enemy knows her power move and easily defends against it. Second, Mikami doesn’t have a Contract with a human, and that leaves her at an instant disadvantage. I don’t know how they are going to get out of this jam, but the Kaionji guys are some sick mofo’s that make me want to kick their ass for what they do to Mikami.
Keita and Kuro are still stuck in their doldrums. Kuro has no confidence in her fighting ability and Keita can’t think of anything but to train harder. To make matters worse, the powerful Korean Mototsumitama, Namu, will only help them train but won’t enter their war against the Kaionji Group. For their training, Namu stripped Kuro of 90% of her power to put her on the same strength level as Keita. The idea being that they can better synchronize if they have similar battle strength. 
Needless to say, things aren’t going well. Namu tied Kuro and Keita’s hands together and they can’t break free until they can land a punch on Namu. I get the idea, Kuro and Keita have to work together to accomplish a goal. But days go by and they aren’t getting any better. Then things go right down the gutter when the pair that defeated Kuro tracks them down. With no confidence in herself and only 10% of her normal power, Kuro is ready to give up completely. Will this be the end of them?
In Summary:
The second arc of this series is running full steam ahead by this volume. Things didn’t stay quiet and relaxing for Keita and the others for long after they returned home. Kuro is still reeling from her defeat in the last volume and this forces Keita to rethink his strategy for destroying the Kaionji Group. Unfortunately, the powerful Korean Mototsumitama that Kuro befriended refuses to help them in battle. All this could prove to be the end of Keita and Kuro as she has become too afraid to fight. It is an interesting aspect to this story because up till now, Kuro has always ignored the odds and thrown herself into every fight. Only time, and another volume or two, will tell if Kuro can find her battle confidence again.
In the mean time, Mikami reemerges with an injured, but shockingly still alive Excel. So much time had passed in this series since the apparent death of Excel and Steiner that I never thought either of them might have survived. Only now Excel is missing a leg and has amnesia. All of this brings another angle to the ‘Black God’ series and leaves me wondering how their story will play out in relation to Kieta and Kuro. Another good volume in this exquisitely drawn series.

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