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By Rob M .Worley     January 26, 2010

Comics2Film: BLACK PANTHER Toon
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'Black Panther' toon video online. Plus: New 'Iron Man 2' pic online. More 'Green Lantern' chatter, a bit o' 'Thor' talk, and more. Breaking up with you via text message, it's your Comics2Film 10.1.26!



Stewart talks PRIEST

Director Scott Stewart and actor Paul Bettany are currently inhabiting the #2 spot at the box office with their angel apocalypse movie 'Legion', but the pair have also recently wrapped production on the adaptation of 'Priest', based the TOKYOPOP import by Hyung Min-woo.

Sci Fi Wire chatted with both men who revealed that the movie departs from the book in significant ways. Min-woo's story actually also included angels, which have been replaced with vampires in the film. And the comic was set in the old west, whereas the book's time line is a future one.

"It's got lots of action and stuff, but it is literally a science fiction western," Stewart told SFW. "It takes place in an alternate universe. There's retro-futuristic things, motorcycles instead of horses, and big industrial cities. The whole mythology is entirely the history of the vampire/human wars and all this other kind of stuff. The Priest characters are like these Jedi Knights."

According to Stewart, Min-woo is on board with the changes. Check out the complete interview for more details on the August 20 release.



Silver Banshee coming to SMALLVILLE

The latest DC Universe villain to arrive in 'Smallville' will be the Silver Banshee. reports that actress Odessa Rae has been cast as the undead villain. She's set to make her debut in Episode 16, "Escape".

Apparently Lois and Clark will encounter the vengeful Gaelic spirit while visiting a bed and breakfast.



Routh on SCOTT PILGRIM, DEAD OF NIGHT has an in-depth interview with actor Brandon Routh, who is currently enjoying a guest run on the hit TV series 'Chuck'. Routh, of course, makes his mark on two comic-based movies this year as well including 'Dead of Night', which he stars in, and 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World' in which he is part of an extensive ensemble.

Fans know that 'Night' is based on the best-selling Italian comics 'Dylan Dog'. Routh talked about the differences between the comics and Americanized version that appears in film.

"I certainly tried to do as much as I could within the scope of the script, and the fact that we were filming in New Orleans and not able to film in London, where the comic actually takes place. I think we have a really similar tone. Dylan is, at heart, a hero.

"Some people would call him a womanizer, but it's not that. Dylan falls in love in every episode of the comics. He's not willy nilly, sleeping with women. He falls in love and then something tragic happens to the woman, in almost every episode," Routh explained. "So, that theme continues. And, even though we don't have Felix, from the American version of the comic, we have Sam Huntington playing my sidekick. It's a really nice relationship and it really gives Dylan an opportunity to have some comic relief and just be who he is.

"It's a challenge because the written word and the drawn picture are totally different than a real person playing the character, so it's hard to say what people will think, but I feel pretty happy with what we've done. As much as I've been able to read of Dylan Dog comics, and gathering information from people that have read more of the Italian ones, I feel pretty confident in the portrayal."

Routh said he hopes to see 'Dead of Night' released around Halloween of this year.

He went on to describe his role in 'Scott Pilgrim'.

"The film stars Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim, and he has to defeat seven evil exes of Mary Elizabeth Winstead's character, in order to continue dating her. The seven exes basically challenge Michael, and I play one of them," Routh said. "I'm a vegan rock star with a blonde wig. Because I'm vegan, I have these special powers, the power of telekinesis. So, I end up having this huge bass battle with Michael Cera, as we're playing dueling bass guitars, and I throw him around telekinetically through walls and such.

"And my blonde wig becomes a faux-hawk whenever I use my powers, and then flattens back down when I'm not using them," Routh admitted, which sounds hilarious to C2F.

"It's going to be an amazing movie," the actor enthused. "It's something that people haven't seen before, kinda like '300' was groundbreaking, in visual style. It's going to be one of those film, I think. Like 'The Matrix' was, it's doing something different that nobody has seen before."

Click through for the complete interview and the scoop on Brandon Routh's role in 'Chuck'.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



Robert Downey Jr. as billionaire industrialist Tony Stark in IRON MAN 2

AC/DC Powers IRON MAN 2, album, video

Before we get to the cool AC/DC news we'll let you know that Paramount and Marvel have released a new image from 'Iron Man 2'. This one features Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in the driver's seat of his Gran Prix race car. Click and view!

When Tony Stark jumps out of an airplane in the cool new trailer he did it to the sounds of AC/DC's "Shoot to Thrill". Now there's a new music video commemorating the event.

Click over to our feature story for the video and news about the new CD release AC/DC: IRON MAN 2 coming April 19, 2010. 



GREEN LANTERN Gets Plenty of Cosmic Time

Director Martin Campbell told MTV Splash Page that large portions of the 'Green Lantern' movie will be set off-world from planet Earth.

"I don't know what the percentage is, but there's quite a bit in space," said the director in an exclusive interview. "The initial trip up there, the training sessions he has to go through in order to become a Green Lantern. Then, of course at the end, he goes back up to Oa again."

That movie starts filming soon.



Elba and Jackson Evade THOR Questions

Actor Idris Elba has transitioned from the comic-based 'The Loser' to Marvel's 'Thor' where he's set to play Heimdall, guardian of Asgard. In an interview with, the actor says he's going to join the production on Kenneth Branagh's film next month.

"That's gonna be excellent, I can't say too much about it though, they've signed me to silence. It's a big Marval comic. It's exciting," Elba said before boasting, "I've got a big sword, a real big sword!"

Meanwhile, actor Samuel L. Jackson is expected to make an appearance in the film as Nick Fury. But Jackson himself has no idea about when and where that gig is going to happen.

"Nobody's told me anything," Jackson told MTV Splash Page. "I was reading the trades last week and I saw the cast list. My name was in it, so maybe I am doing something that I don't know about and I'll hear about it soon.

"I don't know what's going on. Since Disney's bought the franchise, I have no idea what Marvel told them or even if my deal with Marvel is still valid," the actor said, referring to his famous nine-picture deal.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.




Fans around the world are still waiting for that 'Black Panther' animated show from Marvel and BET, but fans in Australia got to see it earlier this month.

And now, the introduction and theme song for the new show (starring Djimon Hounsou) has made its way online. Check it out!

What do you think, Maniacs? Does this look cool? Are you looking forward to BLACK PANTHER debuting on your local TV? Post your comments below...


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monkeyfoot 1/26/2010 7:54:27 AM

Black Panther: Love that opening. Not crazy about the music but I love the style. Makes it look different than other superhero animation lately with it's emphasis on CG. Want to see this.

axia777 1/26/2010 7:56:41 AM

Iron Man 2 is going to own!  I can't wait.  This is going to kick so much ass.

The Black Panther too looks all right.  I have to see more.  I hope the principle animation is better than the opening credits animation.  I do love the fact that Storm is in it.  That is very cool.

Thor is cooking like a really good stew.  Nick Fury?  Excellent.  Women with really big swords?  More than excellent.  Thor will kick ass too and the Avengers will rule.

timesobserver 1/26/2010 8:41:36 AM

The Black Panther looks great but I'm not crazy about the theme song.

But I love his look.

agentkooper 1/26/2010 10:22:51 AM

Very reminiscent of John Romita, Jr artwork.  Good choice.

fft5305 1/26/2010 10:29:13 AM

Um, isn't Idris Elba a man? Unless there's something weird in the script about Heimdall really being a woman, but played by a man...

I didn't care for the music at first, either, but as I listened to it, I think it kinda fits the show.  It's about an African leader who takes his country to the forefront of technology with the discovery of an unusual metal etc... The song had a decent hip hop beat to it, in a foreign language (presumably an African language), but sounding very techno.  It kinda grew on me.  I thought it was odd to see Storm in the credits, though.  I know she was originally from Africa and all, but as far as I know, she's not involved with T'Challa or Wakanda in any way.  Guess they're just shoehorning her in to try to grab some of the X-crowd?

Oh, and Scott Pilgrim.... WTF?

jfdavis 1/26/2010 10:50:30 AM

Yeah, I wasn't wild about the BP theme either but making it at least African-sounding makes sense.  (I don't  like the theme to Spectacular Spider-man either but the show is great...)  To pull a wider audience is exactly why Storm is in the credits. I'm sure her involvement is strictly recurring...

Where does it say Heimdall's a woman? I didn't read that at all...

lazarus 1/26/2010 11:05:10 AM

Ok I am going to say it, and this is going to get me labeled as a racist.


Jesus people seriously I am hyped by this but does anyone else pick up this obvious racial bias on the intro, seriously in the all of Marvel universe this intro has not one other race besides black people. They even had to emphasize this by bringing Storm into it. Awesome, racial equality unless they get some real equality in shows like this. Sorry that is my rant and I am done. Anyone else see this as racially bias?

redhairs99 1/26/2010 11:09:37 AM

I was wondering the same thing about the "women with really big swords" comment.  Personally, I stay away from chicks with "swords."  I prefer they have a sheath if you get the meaning.

monkeyfoot 1/26/2010 11:16:55 AM

I imagine all the title characters are black just because , well all the main characters are black in this particular show. I'm not completely up-to-date on my comics but I persume the show is mostly centered in his native country of Wakanda., so naturally most of the main characters are there. I'm sure there are white characters involved in the various storylines but they may not be regularly featured. Or they may not be played by name actors like all the title stars.

Again, confessing not keeping up with the latest Marvel continuity, but aren't T'Challa and Storm married currently? That would explain her being there. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to have an excuse for Wolverine and other mutants to guest star.

optimuslivs4evr 1/26/2010 11:32:18 AM

Actually, storm has figured very prominently in Black Panther in the last few years.  They are actually married.

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