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monelonmonday 9/23/2010 9:41:13 AM

 like the sound of that loco  ,a shield movie would be great if done right,a character like widow or even fury has to have somebody to play off of,one good thing though is it wont be a guy in the widow suit unlike catwoman

redvector 9/23/2010 9:42:38 AM

Don't get too excited (one way or the other) about a Black Widow movie. Because it's not going to happen.

TheMovieGuy28 9/23/2010 9:57:39 AM


So what Marvel is saying is that they saw the success of Elektra and think the Black Widow would be the next step? Fffffffft!

And in other 'Black' news, I was curious to see what Aronofsky's Black Swan was (would love to see him direct Wolverine but I think Slade would be just as capable), and Holy Sh*t B*lls does the Black Swan look intense! Seeing that, you could almost feel Wolverine getting the chance to go apesh*t primal on a bunch of thugs. we have to remember something about Logan-he's supposed to be this tortured character.

Does anyone remember the 90's (and best) X-Men cartoon series? The first season, when Logan goes up to the Artic to get away from everything, and finds the eskimo fishing village, but ol' sabertooth finds him, and attacks? There's a line he screams out, something like "I don't wanna fight you anymore! I don't care who who started it! It's time to bury it!". It was that episode, that cartoon, that let me know how much anguish he's in from being this basically, half-feral man who no longer wants the rage trapped inside, in my opinion, Jackman's best performance I've ever seen has been as Thomas, Tom, Psyconaut in The Fountain, which just so happened to be directed by Aronofsky

And that's my 2 cents.

TheMovieGuy28 9/23/2010 9:58:36 AM

damn mania and it's erasing comments....

Hobbs 9/23/2010 10:07:22 AM

Wow, Wes man liked Last Samurai?  That was a mess of a movie, historically wrong to the nth degree but even if you can give that a pass I can't forgive the hundreds of soldiers shooting at the Samurai's and everyone is getting mowed down except Cruise who only gets a scratch.  At this point I don't care who directs W2 as long as they stay as faithful to the Miller/Claremont comic as they can...which they won't being Fox but I can hope.

I would much rather see a Black Widow TV series than a movie.  Granted you would have recast the role ,I'm sure Scarlet doesn't want to do TV, but I'm okay with that.

thecheckeredman 9/23/2010 10:09:42 AM

 I totally ok w/ a BW solo long as the story fits the spirit of the character.  The turd that was ELEKTRA was so waaaaaaaaaay off it was destined to flop.  Set BW into a nice story that builds off of IM2, AVENGERS, etc. and I think we could be in for a treat.  Scarlett looks great as Natasha and impressed me with the body suit and the action chops!  Maybe her story could involve AIM or HYDRA building off of CAP?  Who knows...  Either way I'd dig seeing this happen.  You could even introduce a couple more lower-list characters like say Paladin, Silver Sable, or Shang Chi in some capacity that she could work with or against.

I used to hang on each of these DC flicks waiting and waiting for them to come out but PUBLIC ENEMIES left me cold, I felt RED HOOD was terrible, and CRISIS was meh IMHO...and I'm so not caring about this Darkseid flick...even with Andre Braur...  :-(


ElBaz13 9/23/2010 10:24:35 AM

I love Marvel and what Marvel Studios has been doing so far but if they greenlight this, it might spell the end of their success.

Don't get me wrong. Scar-Jo is great. and I wouldn't mind seeing her in a Widow costume for 2 hours but I think a BW movie was just be boring. There is nothng interesting about her and the "ass kicking femme fatale" is over and done (Salt, Nikita, Ultraviolet, etc...) This would be a box office failure a la Elektra and the rest of the 2nd tier Marvel characters.

Face it. The only big Marvel characters that can headline a successful movie (even when critically bashed) are Spidey, X-men, the core Avengers: Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Cap.  Even then, Hulk, despite being very popular from the old TV show and very recognizable, did just ok and the verdict is not out for Cap and Thor yet. The rest should all be delegated to minor roles of the small screen.

I would rather see a Ms Marvel movie if Marvel was to choose a female hero. She is a lot more interesting and fun and has a very diverse background (except for her r**e issue in Avengers #200 which was disgusting)

lracors 9/23/2010 11:10:00 AM

Wow this Black Widow backlash is really unexpected.  She's russian, the past could come back to haunt her ala Crimson Dynamo.  They could do her black ops storyline in China when she goes up against Red Guardian (her ex-hubby).  There are a number of things they could do with her.  But what would be really cool would be to explore her reconned origin in which she was a lover of Bucky aka Winter Soldier!!! How's that for coolness.  You guys have to remember this is the new marvel not DC's Catwoman, or Electra (which was done by 20th Century Fox).  I wouldn't write this off there is good material to mine here and fortunately it is Marvel Studios holding this property.

8man 9/23/2010 1:10:11 PM

Not sure there is enough there to do a solo shot of the Widow.  It would literally have to be another Wolverine movie with so many guest stars, you spend more time wondering who's going to appear as opposed to actually looking for a plot.  That being, said I don't think it will actually happen.  Someone already said it.  Make a SHIELD movie with her, Hawkeye and Nick Fury.  Break out Hydra and move it along.

Teri Hatcher?  They are real and they are spectacular!

DarthoftheDead 9/23/2010 1:56:48 PM

I agree with you 100% Iracors. Im so tired of watching James Bond super spy stuff! Black Widow, if done right, would be a great way to bring other Marvel history to life.

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