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Asuka Akiyama receives a confession from Ryousuke Kamimura, who happens to be the most popular male student.

Miku, sister of Asuka, Tamami Aoki, and Aya Yuuki (Misty Rain), who is Asuka's best friend, are all collaborating about the situation at school. Aya is dejected because she had strong feelings for Ryousuke before meeting Asuka. With a smile on her face, Asuka told Aya what had happened. Aya promises to support her in what turns into trouble beyond her imagination.

The tragedy of it all begins with a letter from Yumiko Miyazaki (Tabitha Stevens). Aya's letter says 'If you don't want to show this picture to Ryousuke Kamimura... you must stay away from him.' The picture of Asuka is pornographic. From this moment on, Asuka is humiliated and disgraced for a lifetime.

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Region 1 - North America

Blackmail 2 Box Set by NuTech Digital, Inc.
Blackmail Box Set by NuTech Digital, Inc.
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