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Blalock thanks CINESCAPE readers for award

ENTERPRISE actress gets Face of the Future award

By Christopher Allan Smith and Chris Wyatt     June 11, 2002

Far from Vulcan in appearance, Jolene Blalock plays Sub Commander T'Pol in ENTERPRISE
© 2001 Sue Schneider

ENTERPRISE's T'Pol, Jolene Blalock, is thanking fans for the latest highpoint in this, her first year on the air as STAR TREK's most arresting Vulcan.

Blalock won best supporting actress in a TV show at the 28th annual Saturn Awards, as well as the female Face of the Future Award, an award voted on by the readers of CINESCAPE magazine.

"It is all about the fans, isn't it?" she said, thanking those who voted for her victory. "I got one award from the industry and one from the fans, which is both sides of this kind of work. I am very, very, very grateful. I was so worried about this character. The basis of this character was created by Leonard Nimoy and Gene Roddenbery, so who am I? I'm just some girl from San Diego. How can I come in and have anything to say? I wasn't sure that people would accept it... but this proves that they have. So I'm more than content."

The winner of Cinescape's Male Face of the Future award was BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER's James Marsters, who did not attend.

For coverage of all the news made at last night's Saturn Awards, check back in this news section all week.

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