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Blassreiter Episode 02

By Chris Beveridge     April 16, 2008
Release Date: April 12, 2008

Blassreiter Episode 02

What They Say
Meet Gerd, the invincible motorcycle-racing champ...whose career is cut short when a rage-filled Demoniac interrupts a race, causing utter destruction. Gerd ends up in a wheelchair never to ride again. Amidst his despair, he is approached by a mysterious woman who claims that she has the means to restore his physical abilities...

The Review!
Gerd's life is all over the map as he goes from massive fame to a dead career and then to a hero who will save everyone.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The first episode of Blassreiter was an awkward piece of pacing that introduced a couple of things that didn't gel together too well. The basis of the show dealing with the Demoniacs that are making their way into the world and beginning to fuse with things such as cars and motorcycles isn't an unusual concept. It was in how it's being told that makes it difficult to connect with since it threw a lot of things out there while trying to capture the shiny vote with its CG animation for the motorcycles. The second episode doesn't exactly correct any of these issues but it does slow things down just a bit so you can get to know what's going on just a little better.

Gerd has gone through quite the ordeal in a short amount of time where he was known as the best of the best on the racing track only to end up being fired after the incident where the Demoniacs landed in the midst of the race. That left him completely down in the gutter and he was saved only by a mysterious woman with highly interesting hair who gifted him something that turned him into an Amalgam. While the dead have made that transition, he's apparently the first living human to attain this which has set him apart from everything else. The revelation has practically turned him into a hero in the eyes of the general populace as they see him as their salvation, the man that they knew who can deal with the Demoniacs and all that is entailed.

With this only being the second episode, there isn't a whole lot to really understand with the situation involving the Demoniacs just yet. Much of what's come about is very small bits of information to set the stage but none of the big picture details, which is a bit frustrating since the use of such a device within the show is sizeable. Not having that initial inkling of how the world really works outside of a couple of race sequences and some secret justice meted out by a mysterious organization known as XAT, you're left to wonder just what it is that ties all of this together. The small snippets do start to show here this episode however as there appears to be another human who has attained Amalgam-hood and there are some movements with regards to Gerd's time in the race team and his former girlfriend of Jil that hint at something deeper.

With the somewhat slower pacing at times, we start to see a bit more of how the XAT organization works and some of the little factions that are within it, especially when it comes to dealing with Gerd. This helps to give those characters a little more face time, though Matthew gets the most since he knows Gerd from before. None of the characters are especially sympathetic just yet or stand out much, but the use of Jil at least adds a bit of sexuality to the show that doesn't involve a woman in a skintight motorcycle/combat outfit. All of this nicely balances against the action sequences which I have to admit are pretty fun outside of some moments where the characters get off the motorcycles and are still done in full CG mode. Gonzo is always sort of hit or miss with their CG and personal taste involvement, but I'm liking the action scenes that involve the racing bits since it has a very slick and streamlined feel to it.

In Summary:
At the end of the second episode of Blassreiter, I'm still not entirely sure what to make of this show. It hasn't leapt out at me as a must watch show, but I've grown used to watching Gonzo shows in chunks and seeing the progression in a very different form , so I'm willing to give it a chance to establish itself. It does come across as if it's latching onto a fad with the heavy motorcycle use and the constant use of the skintight combat uniforms that double as riding outfits and that's left me a bit cold. On the plus side, the older characters and the lack of teenagers running about to save the world is a big bonus. Blassreiter has some appealing aspects to it but it hasn't been compelling enough to say it's a show that you have to make it back for each new episode right away.

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