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Blassreiter Episode 09

By Chris Beveridge     June 03, 2008
Release Date: May 31, 2008

Blassreiter Episode 09

What They Say
Amanda berates herself for not being able to look out for Malek. In an effort to save him, she sets out on a search with Herman, apart from XAT operations. Meanwhile, the injured Joseph and Malek take refuge in an abandoned church, where Joseph's long-standing target of pursuit shows up.

The Review!
After showing some potential in the last episode, Blassreiter again proves that it's simply a show that's all over the map.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
After the fifth episode of Blassreiter, I had felt that the show didn't do anywhere near a good enough job in really establishing itself in order to keep people interested. When it comes to broadcast, you at best get one, two or three episodes to ensure your audience size. With home video, especially in the US, you generally get the first four or five episodes on a disc to win them over. With the first five here not winning me, I wasn't surprised that the next set of episodes didn't do much either. Episode eight started to show some promise but it feels mostly squandered here.

Malek's potential for salvaging the story was one that looked intriguing. With his being the subject of brutal bullying, it resonates easily with a younger crowd that may still be trying to figure this show out. The way he gained his revenge on the bullies was equally as brutal, if not more so, but it's left young Malek highly conflicted now. The blood stains are strong in his mind and he's not getting any real support from Joseph while the two recover inside an old church. Malek had envisioned himself as the same kind of savior and protector that he views Joseph as, but Joseph is surprisingly clear about how wrong Malek has been about what he's done and that strikes deep for the young man.

Malek's falling to the dark side, both mentally and because of his physical transformations, has put him on a short list of people that needs to be dealt with by XAT. That pushes Amanda out of active duty for a short time since she can't be going after a family member. The grief and angst she feels about the situation is given some good time to grow as she remembers when she first adopted him from the orphanage and how she came to care about him. It is all rather predictable and drama filled, but it is the kind of basic realizations that people go through in situations like this. Amanda's resolve is eventually firmed up by all of this and she's ready to do whatever it takes to bring Malek back and to ensure that he's not killed by XAT.

The scope of the story does start to grow bit more, which is something we did see in the previous episode. With the good doctor that's been infecting everyone now named as Beatrice, we've been given some clues about there being a chosen one and a path there that's being followed. Joseph is on this path as well, willingly or not, and one of those that's pulling the strings in a similar way to Beatrice is a dashing young man named Xaring. His arrival doesn't exactly reveal much of the plot itself, but as a catalyst his presence is something that at least starts things moving along in a way that really does reinforce that there is a larger storyline here, something that's been severely lacking so far.

In Summary:
After nine episodes, I'm still not sure what to make of this series. The parts that I like are still there, mostly in the animation and action, but it's a minor part of the show. The bulk of the show isn't one that doesn't make sense but rather is just not compelling. Though it's becoming clearer that the central focus is on that of Amanda and possibly Joseph, the lack of a real focus up this far into it hasn't helped, especially with people getting killed along the way that you thought would be the lead characters. This far into it and I'm still not really sure what it's about and that's simply a sign that I'm not likely to care for the remainder of it either, which is unfortunate. Gonzo may be able to pull a rabbit out of their hat but will anyone be watching by then?

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