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Blassreiter Episode 10

By Chris Beveridge     June 11, 2008
Release Date: June 07, 2008

Blassreiter Episode 10

What They Say
Joseph and Malek are taken into custody in a XAT laboratory. Amanda goes against orders to transfer them to a different government agency and starts to analyze Joseph's data with the aid of Hermann and a XAT researcher. There, she comes across a top-secret report code-named "Blassreiter."

The Review!
Slowly beginning to reveal its larger self, Blassreiter continues to try and hook the viewers in even though many have likely already fallen off.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
When talking about Blassreiter, I feel like I'm continually kicking someone who's been knocked down already. The show has had its appealing elements, and perhaps it would feel more engaging on a big screen than the streaming window, but by and large it's felt disjointed and awkwardly paced for the majority of it. The flashes of enjoyment haven't been enough to sustain it for me though I do keep coming back for more in hopes that it can salvage itself.

The tenth episode of the series is one that feels a bit like one that's attempting to build up the mythos a bit more and put a few more pawns into place with what's going on. With Joseph and Malek now under XAT supervision, Amanda is hopeful that things will get better for her adoptive brother and they can get back to where they need to be, a place where she can be the person she wants to be for him. But finding out that there may not be a chance for him, that he may not wake up unlike Joseph, strikes deeply within her and she's ready to do whatever she can to make things right.

That realization comes at a time when the group is getting dealt some changes by having any kind of outside investigation into what's going on classified as spying or treason. Amanda and Hermann have had plenty of reasons to do some side investigating of events considering who all they've lost to the Demoniacs, but this new directive is being done to squash those kinds of motivations quickly. It doesn't actually work all that well though as the two of them are intent on figuring out what's really going on, which has them discovering - all too easily - some hidden data about a project called Blassreiter. The series name finally makes it appearance within the show, though it doesn't actually answer anything just yet.

Blassreiter does toss in an obligatory action sequence as well which keeps things moving along a bit towards the end of the episode, especially as it very briefly introduces a new member of Team 3 for XAT. What's really engaging about the show is something that comes in two different but similar pieces. The first is the way that Beatrice is seemingly getting into Joseph's mind and confronting him about what changes he's going through and his apparent role as the Chosen One for the coming Apocalypse. The other is that Wolf is now completely captivated by Beatrice, going so far as to engage her sexually. Not that she really reacts to it much, especially in contrast to his reactions. But what she is doing is grooming him to do her bidding and she shows him parts of what she sees as the coming Apocalypse and it only serves to increase the potential of this series since these kinds of pieces are now falling into place.

In Summary:
As the series has progressed and actually started bringing out more interesting plot points, I keep feeling that the show as a whole would have benefited from having about half the episodes given to it and much tighter pacing. The lazy and relaxed atmosphere of many of the episodes to date has kept it from being truly engaging and finding its narrative voice. As it's finding that voice, and starting to tie things together better, it is becoming more interesting and fun to watch. But that style from the early episodes is still present which causes only a bit of trepidation about getting my hopes up about how the second half of it will play out. Similar to the previous episode, Blassreiter is coming together much better now and is offering up more material worth watching, but it may be too little too late.

Japanese 2.0 Language,English Subtitles

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