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Blassreiter Episode 11

By Chris Beveridge     June 18, 2008
Release Date: June 14, 2008

Blassreiter Episode 11

What They Say
XAT agents begin to fall ill, one after another. Then one day, in response to a massive emergence of Amalgams in the city, the agents themselves start turning into Amalgams. A fierce battle breaks out within the XAT ranks who have turned into Amalgams and those who have not, when at last, Joseph regains consciousness.

The Review!
The situation within XAT seems to change on a daily basis and this episode is no different as - everyone dies!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The weekly nature of the series has some of the basic flaws that most broadcast shows do and BOST doesn't help it too much as their weekly summaries are spoiler heavy - and on the same page as the show itself. It's difficult to not read those whereas when you TIVO a show you can ignore the summaries a bit easier or you can avoid reading TV Guide. Blassreiter has the first half of the episode spoiled just by loading the page to watch it.

Blassreiter has started to get more interesting in the last few episodes as the scope of events is taking shape but there are still times when the series simply appears to drop the ball. This episode doesn't exactly do that but it pulls the rug out from under the viewer once again and we're left wondering just what the real story is. That's not always a bad thing, but Blassreiter has been difficult to get a handle on from the start and repeated occurrences don't help it in my view. The lack of a central character for so long, even among an ensemble cast, has hurt it and then paring down the cast repeatedly only more so. This episode decides that we don't need a lot more of things and begins to kill off a huge chunk of the XAT team.

Much of this revolves around whatever is going on between Xargin, Beatrice and whatever organization is existing above the XAT group. The XAT team finds themselves deep in things now that several of them have fallen sick and more of them are falling to it as well, which is just the opening round of more transformations into Amalgams going on. With Wolf now on Beatrice's side and people looking at Blue as if he's the ultimate evil, those that don't transform are beyond despair and unsure of what to do, even as their headquarters is under siege. A headquarters that was apparently little more than a front if Mei Feng is to be believed by her mysterious conversations with someone.

In Summary:
Much of this episode revolves initially around the transformations and then the revelations about what's going on, which ask more questions than anything else, but a good chunk is based on action. With Wolf now firmly in Beatrice's grasp and commanding a new small army of Amalgams that are made up of former XAT members, the entire situation has continued to crumble around Amanda and the others. And much like them, as an audience member, I'm just shaking my head wondering exactly what's going on, why is it going on and at this point why I should care. Every time Blassreiter offers me some sort of hook, it pulls it away and goes in some other direction. This episode is more of that unfortunately.

Japanese 2.0 Language,English Subtitles

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