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Mania Grade: D-

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Blassreiter Episode 19

By Chris Beveridge     August 21, 2008
Release Date: August 16, 2008


Action is again the name of the day with some heart wrenching emotional moments – if you actually cared for any of the characters.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Blassreiter’s uneven nature comes out once again as it decides to spend some of its time dealing with a character that got more exposure in the last episode than anywhere prior since her brief introduction. The use of Snow to give Joseph a bit more of a connection to humanity and reality isn’t a bad thing, but that she’s suddenly become so much more through the flashback and eventual fight scene really doesn’t click all that well.

The last couple of episodes have been shifting the focus a little bit to the larger storyline where we see that German is becoming a massive infestation point and Amalgam’s are showing up all over the place. The use of the UN adds a bit more to the worldview of the series which tied in nicely to the more personal action scenes that involved Hermann going nuts with the Triple Six motorcycle. The addition of the Zwolf organization and a bit more on Xargin’s background along with Beatrice and everything seemed to have a grand and epic scale to it. Sadly, it’s one that has no actual connection with the characters and the viewer which leaves it all feeling pretty dry.

Episodes like this one only reinforce that unfortunately. Though Snow was briefly introduced quite awhile back, she made more of an appearance recently and takes over a good chunk of real estate in this episode. With her meeting with Amanda, suddenly Snow is pretty free flowing with her back story and she explains her time with Joseph some time back. This is a strange period in that the two of them journeyed together because Snow got infected by Joseph and is an Amalgam of sorts like him. That means… they must fight! With Joseph now half mad with rage, seeing Malek in his field of view and generally attacking anything in sight, it’s not hard to see how this will all go. It’s all about the back story of a character who isn’t long for this world and lots of action. So, yeah, more of the same.

In Summary:
When you add in a bit more material between Amanda, Wolf and Hermann about the sacrifice of the XAT members who fought against Wolf, there are plenty of moments in this episode where things try to connect all the dots together. Events of the past are given more of a connection here, such as in the previous episode where we saw Amanda using Gerd’s experiences to try and shake Hermann out of his rage. Sadly, with the series having been so helter skelter in its approach and pacing, none of this really seems like it means much. Perhaps I judged the series too much early on and its colored me since, but nothing in this show has worked for me outside of some pretty action sequences and a growing competence in the CG arena with the Amalgams. Beyond that, Blassreiter doesn’t do anything to engage or excite unless you’re fascinated in seeing how much worse it can possibly get.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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