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  • Series: Blassreiter

Blassreiter Episode 21

By Chris Beveridge     September 12, 2008
Release Date: September 06, 2008


Xargin gets personal as he makes his way into Zwolf headquarters in search of Isis.

What They Say:
Xargin and the Demoniacs attack the Zwölf headquarters, immediately causing complete mayhem. Sasha confronts Xargin, telling him that she has been brought back to life for the purpose of purifying him. Xargin replies that nothing other than terminating the world will serve as purification. Meanwhile, Amanda and Hermann are searching frantically for Malek when Amanda discovers a mysterious message.

The Review:
After the action packed last episode of Blassreiter, things settle down a little bit more by comparison here. The focus is more on getting the players into the right places and setting the stage even more for the finale in the next three episodes. With Zwolf headquarters surrounded by Demoniacs and Xargin now making his way inside after rescuing Beatrice from Joseph, it's turned into a sort of race for various people with different agendas. And like much of the series, the agendas aren't all that clear nor do they make too much sense.

The most basic of subplots that makes sense is the one involving Hermann and Amanda getting back inside the headquarters so they can search for Malek. Getting him back is a basic and obvious idea and one that they've managed to do fairly well so far by using the 'Handcuff the Wookie' gimmick. Being inside the headquarters, they get to see the panic going on in there while trying to find him before things to even further into disaster. Of course, how they intend to get him out afterwards with so many Demoniacs surrounding the building isn't brought into question, but that's fairly standard hero material in general.

Where a good chunk of the storyline tends to revolve here is with Xargin making his way through the castle as he searches out for his destination, Isis. What becomes the key moment relatively early on is when he finally meets up with Sasha. The history that they share, as we've seen previously, has them at odds now but Sasha still can't bring herself to do what needs to be done. That she calls her purpose 'Purification' is amusing and Xargin is able to turn it right around on her and talks about how he can purify the world. Xargin's goals, however clear they may have become over the last few episodes, are still pretty much nonsensical in a way as he's fallen into the trap of a villain with a poor approach to obtaining his goal. That he doesn't wear shoes is apparently his main appeal right now.

In Summary:
I've seen some really awful series in the last ten years of reviewing anime (yes, I'm looking at you Papuwa,) but Blassreiter is in a rather special class of its own. Perhaps it's the weekly nature of it that is keeping it from all connecting properly. Every episode I give it the benefit of the doubt and try to see how it will all suddenly make sense and reveal itself, giving me reason to re-watch the entire thing. But Gonzo is able to do right by other shows I've seen recently such as Strike Witches and the Tower of Druaga. Blassreiter continues to feel like an ill-prepared fan storyline with a sponsorship by a motorcycle maker. It's completely hollow, regardless of how pretty it looks at times. This episode is simply more of the same as things are said with no weight behind them and characters run around without ever truly seeming to get anywhere. It lost its train wreck appeal quite awhile ago now and I'm simply wondering if they'll do anything salvageable at all at this point.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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