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Blassreiter Episode 23

By Chris Beveridge     October 02, 2008
Release Date: September 20, 2008


It’s all out action as the world has decided to simply wipe Germany off the face of the Earth in order to prevent total disaster.

What They Say
The Zwölf is wiped out, and the governments of other countries make a decision to attack German territories. Mei-Feng and her comrades learn from their own alert system that bombing raids have begun, and try to intercept the missiles utilizing resources of the Apocalypse Knights. Meanwhile, a single figure faces off with Xargin in order to buy time until Isis is completed.

The Review!
Blassreiter’s penultimate episode bring out all the big action moments and sets the stage for the finale that’s to come. And not unlike previous episodes, the blurb associated with it gives away the most salient points about it. In the end, the twenty third episode of Blassreiter is all about the last minute posturing by the characters and the imminent threat of complete doom for Germany as they intend to drop a few nuclear missiles in there and eliminate the threat that Xargin presents.

Xargin for his part is completely amusing. He’s almost like a Napoleon figure as he’s striding along on his horse with a massive army of Demoniacs surrounding him as they march forward. In a very languid fashion at that. There’s no haste on his part or any sort of real sense of urgency to doing what he intends to do. That makes it all the easier for Malek to confront him later on after he writes a heartfelt letter to Amanda about what he intends to do. For his part, Malek is able to offer up a fairly decent if brief battle sequence with him in his transformed mode for what’s likely the last time and it works as a simple swan song for this rather annoying little character who has spent a good chunk of the second half of the series off screen.

Blassreiter does bring in some action besides that as well as we have the whole issues of the nukes being dropped in via the missile strike. The remnants of the Apocalypse Knights from the Zwolf organization are intent on stopping this since they don’t want “Germany to be another Hiroshima” and put their lives on the line to stop it. At the same time that this is going on, there’s the quiet moments as Joseph learns that Isis is complete and he can now take on Xargin face to face by reaching his level of power. The stakes are raised considerably across the board but the comedic value is still present. Isis is contained with a small blue and white pill and it takes an hour for it take effect. So Joseph waits until he confronts Xargin before taking it and now has to fight him for an hour before he can really take him on. Classic.

In Summary:
Perhaps this episode isn’t as bad as others if only for the fact that I was hopeful that they would actually set off the nukes here. Blassreiter couldn’t get worse if it took place in a post apocalyptic landscape, right? While we’re inching closer to nuclear devastation, we don’t get it and instead have a lot of posturing and some fighting as Xargin gets closer to his own goal. There’s nothing exceptional here and as the penultimate episode for the series, it lacks any serious oomph and impact to make the next one a must-see episode. Well, other than to celebrate the fact that it’s actually over and done with? Blassreiter continues to be difficult to get through, but less so with this episode since the end is near.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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