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Blassreiter Episode 24

By Chris Beveridge     October 03, 2008
Release Date: September 27, 2008

As the missiles get closer and closer to wiping out Germany, much of the issue is settled between two men on the ground.

 What They Say
Joseph continues his final battle with Xargin with the nanomachine Isis injected into his body. The Isis will bring certain doom to Xargin, and to Joseph himself. Meanwhile, in the air and on the ground, Sasha and Mei-Feng desperately try to intercept the new-generation intercontinental ballistic missiles that were launched for the purpose of turning German territory into a smoldering wasteland. However, the ICBMs manage to deflect the interceptions with their state-of-the-art system and edge ever closer to German airspace.

The Review!
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The culmination of the last twenty three episodes has finally come into view and sadly it’s pretty formulaic. The finale for the series has lots of big action sequences and plenty of moments where characters speak eloquently, but ultimately it’s simply hollow. Even worse is that it’s sadly corny, such as the ending sequence where they even go so far as to utilize a rainbow in order to bring back every single character for one last word. I expected to see unicorns follow that up…

Like several of the previous episodes, the finale of Blassreiter can largely be summed up into two sections. The first is the major aerial battle through which we have both Sasha and Mei-Feng working hard in a very dangerous situation to stop Germany from being destroyed utterly by the incoming missiles. The hope is that Joseph can get in to deal with Xargin and negate the need for the attacks. While there’s little emotional connection to these characters, the sequences are simply beautiful to watch as the jets flit about and deal with the oncoming threat. I really appreciate the computer generated aspects of the series, even when they don’t blend well, because they have such a look to them that I find it to be solid eye candy. This episode doesn’t disappoint in this regard and was one of the better action highlights of the series in general.

The flip side to this larger conflict is the smaller one between Joseph and Xargin. The confrontation between the two has been in the cards since Xargin was formalized within the show and this final squaring off doesn’t really provide all that much impact. They have their moments against each other, but by and large it’s a rather tame closure for the way the series has been haphazardly built up in the second half. The introduction of the Isis anti-nanomachine magic pill (take the blue pill, Neo!) now has the two squaring off only to lead to an entirely anticlimactic ending. I never really connected with Xargin as a character so he was little more than a pretty boy villain with no real depth to him. Joseph has the emo angst going for him and a lot of solid action sequences, but he was never a hero or even a good anti-hero. He was simply there. For the two of them to face off at long last – in a sea of Demoniacs no less – it came together in a very empty and hollow manner.

In Summary:
Thank goodness that’s over with. After watching Gonzo’s “Zaion” years ago, I suspected the company would have a hard time really scraping that low in the barrel again. With the Tower of Druaga, I was quite excited by what they were offering. With Blassreiter, I was more than willing to give it a chance since a number of their series take some time to really get going. Blassreiter never found a voice that worked to me and it jumped all over the map, keeping you from getting a character to get behind, a way to watch and engage in the story. This can work in some series for some stories, but with Blassreiter it was a jumbled mess through and though. Execution was weak and there was no central narrative to hold it all together. Blassreiter had a hard time holding my attention from the start when it came to the story and it turned into an even bigger train wreck as it went along. The ending is sadly predictable, rainbows and all, and left me feeling like I had truly wasted a sad chunk of my life in watching it. If this is ever released in the US, I have to believe it wasn’t done willingly but rather as a show that a company was forced to take. If not, I want to hear from that company why they think it’s a great show.

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dyson0001 10/3/2008 9:09:31 AM
Got to agree with you on that one. I can't believe I wasted 9 and a half hours of my life on this piece of crap! Only reason I watched it was to support anime being released online but Gonzo really blew it with this show. The central problem was definitely the characters which came and left without any real impact. Take Joseph's girl Snow, she comes in for 2 episodes and then gets killed by Joseph and that's it. Then there was that woman who was the ex of Brad or Al (not that it matters) who came in for 2 or 3 episodes and then was killed. Plus I thought Gerd was the main character and they kill him after 7 episodes or so. This show was like a car wreck that you don't want to slow down and look at. Granted, the action sequences were great and all but that doesn't excuse Gonzo for this disaster of a series. Considering the state of anime in the US right now, I can't see how any company would want to license this of their own free will.


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