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BLOOD: The Last Vampire Live Action Trailer!

A first-look at the live action trailer for Blood: The Last Vampire

By Chris Beveridge     March 06, 2009

© Pathe

First it was an anime, then it was a series of manga and novels. Now it's set to come to the big screen in a live action adaptation and the first-look trailer is here in full now.

One of the most eagerly anticipated live-action adaptations of any anime ever produced, BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE caused a major stir of interest amongst fans when its all-too-brief teaser trailer debuted on the Internet last month. Now, Pathe can exclusively reveal the amazing full theatrical trailer for the horror movie that breathes new life into the groundbreaking anime feature from 2000.

Directed by Chris Nahon (Kiss Of The Dragon) and featuring stunning action sequences choreographed by legendary action director Corey Yuen (Transporter 1 and 2; Jet Li’s The One; X-Men), BLOOD, THE LAST VAMPIRE tells the story of a mysterious girl known as Saya (Gianna Jun), who is employed by a covert US government agency to eradicate a species of vampire-demons that is about to threaten mankind. Half-demon herself, and armed with just a samurai sword and a whole bunch of attitude, Saya kicks vampire ass like nobody you have ever seen before. Forget Blade, forget Buffy, and check out the trailer to witness, in action, the hottest and gutsiest vampire slayer ever to grace the screen.


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jmg134 3/6/2009 7:40:35 AM

HA! Pretty sic!

Pretty little asian girl wants to play with samurai swords...

I don't it me or girls/women with swords or guns seem to be more awesome than most guys?

thoughts anybody?

starpunk 3/6/2009 11:21:22 AM

awesome! I can't wait! and yes girls/women with swords or guns is a lot better

Wiseguy 3/6/2009 12:14:15 PM

No American military base?

I just finished bad mouthing anime for all the shit out there in the Mad Max thread but this was one of the few that I actually enjoyed. It looks pretty damn cool. I'd pay 10.50 to see this.

mbeckham1 3/6/2009 2:35:30 PM

Being a fan of the anime movie and the Blood anime series, I was already jazzed to see this but Wow that trailer. 

RaM1Lo 3/7/2009 6:33:34 AM

Damn, that looks like a heckuva lot of wire-work!  Hmm, Jeon Ji Hyun in a harness.... oooh.



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