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Bloodstone: The Next Generation

The daughter of the original '70s Marvel monster hunter debuts

By Arnold T. Blumberg     July 13, 2001
Source: Marvel Comics

Cover art for BLOODSTONE #1
© 2001 Marvel Comics

Len Wein and Marv Wolfman provided the spark, but it was writer John Warner who first introduced us to the man himself. He first appeared in two issues of MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS with his trademark white safari jacket, ammo clips, long blonde hair and a fragment of the Hellfire Helix a blood-red gem through which passed all of the universe's magical energy grafted to his chest. Ulysses Bloodstone, the dour fellow with a mission to massacre monsters, was born out of Marvel's '70s explosion and its short-lived focus on horror-based material.

Bloodstone eventually graduated to guest-star status, with occasional appearances in back-ups for titles like Marvel's black and white magazine, THE RAMPAGING HULK. But even though he was dubbed "The Man Who Cannot Die," having lived for over 10,000 years thanks to the mystical properties of the bloodstone gem, Bloodstone still managed to buy it eventually. Thus another third-string Marvel character faded into obscurity...

...Until now, that is. Adhering to the axiom that everything old is new again, Marvel is revamping yet another character from the past. This time, however, rather than merely resurrecting ol' Ulysses, Marvel is passing the mantle of 'Monster Hunter' on to the next generation. It's 2001, and the daughter of Ulysses Bloodstone (seen here in preview artwork for the cover of BLOODSTONE #1) is here to take her revenge. Woe betide any monsters who stand in her way.

While it's the latest in a long line of titles feeding off a nostalgic yearning for Marvel's glory days, it may also indicate a particular interest in preserving the Bloodstone family line for exploitation elsewhere. It has been reported that BLOODSTONE is one of several Marvel properties being developed as a possible television movie or series. Peruse this first look at the new Bloodstone and start your casting speculation now.

Check back with CINESCAPE for further news on the Bloodstone Babe and much more. Watch out for monsters!


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