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Writer talks about coming comic series

By Rob Allstetter     August 17, 2001

Cover art for BLOODSTONE #1
© 2001 Marvel Comics

Marvel's BLOODSTONE returns -- sort of -- in October with a new four-issue mini-series.

"The series revolves around Elsa Bloodstone, a teenager who's grown up constantly moving from place to place with her mom and, who, early on in the first issue, discovers she's the daughter of the legendary monster hunter Ulysses Bloodstone," says Andy Lanning, who is writing Bloodstone with partner Dan Abnett.

"A series of mysterious events lead her to take up the family mantle and she soon finds herself kicking some major monster butt ... all the while trying to make sure her mom doesn't find out.

"We're hoping BLOODSTONE will appeal to fans of characters like Indiana Jones, Buffy and Lara Croft but we've tried to keep the tone of the series light-hearted and fun, even though it takes place in Marvel's world of horror and the supernatural."

Michael Lopez is drawing the mini-series, and Alex Ross is providing characters designs.

Marvel is developing a BLOODSTONE television series, which could easily prompt more BLOODSTONE comics.

"We've got a ton of stuff we'd like to do with Bloodstone beyond our four issues, which really serve only as a pilot episode for greater things," Lanning said.


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