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Mania Grade: B

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  • Art Rating: A
  • Packaging Rating: B+
  • Text/Translation Rating: C+
  • Age Rating: 13 and Up
  • Released By: TOKYOPOP
  • MSRP: 10.99
  • Pages: 208
  • ISBN: 978-1427815804
  • Size: B6
  • Orientation: Right to Left
  • Series: Bloody KISS

Bloody Kiss Vol. #02

Bloody Kiss Vol. #02 Manga Review

By Matthew Warner     December 21, 2009
Release Date: November 03, 2009

Bloody Kiss Vol. #02

Trouble is brewing when Kiyo’s vampire-hunting childhood friend Sou arrives.

Creative Staff
Writer/Artist: Kazuko Furumiya
Translation: Monica Seya Chin
Adaptation: Magda Erik-Soussi

What They Say
Much to Kiyo's dismay, Kuroboshi and Alshu begin attending her school, and of course, Kuroboshi is a hit with all the young female students. Kiyo's not the only one annoyed with the new arrival, though. Another student, Fujiwara, doesn't like sharing the spotlight and challenges Kiyo to a tennis match. If Kiyo loses, Kuroboshi has to leave! Problem solved, right? But when Kiyo realizes her feelings for Kuroboshi might be stronger than she first thought, she becomes determined to win the match!

The Review!
As we open on this volume, Kuroboshi and Alshu quickly make the decision to begin attending Kiyo’s school, motivated by the idea of skirts and the possibility of a budding romance.  Kiyo immediately shoots down this idea, but of course upon arriving at school finds that Kuroboshi is now her classmate and Alshu is the school nurse.   The presence of the two vampires causes quite a ruckus (mostly schoolgirls fawning over them) and a pompous girl challenges Kiyo to a tennis match as a result, and if she loses Kuroboshi has to leave the school!  Kiyo scores point after point only to have them called incorrectly as fouls by the referee.  It turns out the girl is turning the match in her favor using the influence of her uncle, the schools headmaster.  Using a little influence of his own, Kuroboshi stops the referee’s unfair calls using his vampire powers, and Kiyo trounces her opponent.

Soon after, we are introduced to Sou, Kiyo’s childhood friend, who happens to be a sword-wielding vampire hunter.   In a stroke of genius, he reveals himself to Kiyo and Kuroboshi by smashing a mechanical ghost in a haunted mansion as the class is visiting an amusement park, leaving the trio (plus Alshu) to work off the debt.  Trouble develops as Sou’s demon detecting sword begins to make him suspicious of Kuroboshi.  When he finally figures out Kuroboshi is a vampire, Sou decides to destroy him so he can’t “defile” Kiyo.  After a couple of quick skirmishes, Kiyo manages to create a shaky peace between the two.  Things wrap up with Kiyo’s class putting on a play, Romeo and Juliet, Kuroboshi confessing his love, and Kiyo having to decide if she truly wants to be Kuroboshi’s bride and risk becoming a vampire herself!

As a bonus, we have an unrelated story in which a girl who wants to become beautiful enters into a contract with a vampire, and in the process discovers what she truly desires.

In Summary:

Much to my surprise, volume 2 of this series did in fact maintain the pace of increasing quality of the first, and as such creates a fairly interesting story.  While things still remain a little generic, characters start to gain a little depth as the silly plot points (Kiyo’s “motivation” comes to mind) are dropped completely.  The introduction of Sou finally gives us a real threat outside of the nameless generic “villains” of the first volume, which helps to move things in a much more interesting direction.  And most importantly, the writing has improved significantly,  allowing for a number of moments that are legitimately humorous (Kuroboshi’s “sweeeet” reaction in particular was nice) as opposed to the humorously bad writing of previous chapters, and a few legitimately touching moments even show up.  Sadly, when things are finally starts to turn into something readable, the story wraps up and everything is over.



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